Image of Kudla Fellow Margaret Bole
Margaret Bole, 2016-2017 Fellow (LinkedIn Profile)

“The Kudla Fellowship allowed me the opportunity to explore analytics within the cyber security space with real world application. The fellowship allowed me to invest time into research with tuition support and a stipend to help with living expenses. And it encouraged me to collaborate with other students and share ideas and knowledge. Ultimately, my experience with the fellowship helped me identify my strengths and interests which has led me toward more fulfilling work after my graduate program.”

How did the Kudla Fellowship support you in your career goals?
The Kudla Fellowship helped me explore analytics, programming and machine learning which helped me choose and grow my career in analytics.

What was your research experience as a fellow like? Did you learn or apply anything that you later used on the job?
During the Kudla Fellowship I learned Python to perform web scraping, wrangled data and performed machine learning. I currently use data wrangling in my current position and used my programming and machine learning knowledge in my work as a cyber security auditor prior to this position.

What was the best and/or most challenging part about being a Kudla Fellow?
Working with large sets of data that was missing information was challenging. But it was also fun to work with datasets not available to the public. It was fun learning more about the data and seeing machine learning applied to real data.