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Finance Students Named Regional Finalists in Research Challenge

financeteamCollege of Business finance students Will JonesAddison LoftonAndre Moreiraand Rafael Velez were named regional finalists in the Texas CFA Investment Research Challenge.

The undergraduate students had to analyze, write and present a report recommending “Buy,” “Sell,” or “Hold” positions on a publicly traded company.

“The experience allowed me to use the tools learned in the classroom for a real valuation project,” said Velez, chairman of the Investment Society. “Our research was no different from the street research published by investment banks. This competition was a true application of rigor with relevance.”

The students were mentored by Dr. Cheryl Linthicum, associate professor of accounting, and Ron Sweet, lecturer in finance and Investment Society advisor.

Ten teams competed in the competition. Additional finalists were Louisiana State University, Southern Methodist University, University of Houston and the University of Texas at Dallas.  The finalists presented their oral presentations in February in Dallas.

The purpose of the competition is to teach best practices in research to the next generation of analysts.

Wendy Frost—

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