Max Kilger, Ph.D.

Professor of Practice

Max Kilger, Ph.D.

San Pedro I 260 C, 506 Dolorosa St.


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Kilger has extensive experience teaching and researching in the areas of big data, new research methodologies, relationship of people to digital technology, cybersecurity, social structure of the hacking community, and cyberterrorism. He has written and co-authored research articles and book chapters in the areas of influence in decision-making, the interaction of people with technology, motivations of malicious online actors, understanding the changing social structure of the computer hacking community and the nature of emerging cyberthreats. Kilger is a frequent national and international speaker to law enforcement, the intelligence community and military commands, as well as information security forums, and he is a founding and former board member of the Honeynet Project–a not-for-profit international information security organization that serves the public good.