Kefeng Xu, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus of Management Science and Statistics


  • Ph.D. University of Maryland
  • M.S. University of British Columbia
  • B. Eng. Shanghai Jiao-Tong University


Personal Faculty Website

Kefeng Xu is a professor in the Department of Management Science and Statistics in the Carlos Alvarez College of Business. He joined The University of Texas at San Antonio after completing his Ph.D. in business administration with double majors in operations management and logistics / transportation from the University of Maryland. He also holds an M.S. in business administration from the University of British Columbia (Canada) and a bachelor of engineering from Shanghai Jiao-Tong University (China).

Dr. Xu’s areas of expertise and research interests include operations, logistics and information management strategy; global and domestic supply chain; inventory and supply management; transportation policy, cost and demand studies.

His works have appeared or are accepted in a number of highly-impactful journals such as Production and Operations Management, Marketing Science, Decision Sciences Journal, Journal of Management Information Systems, Transportation ResearchJournal of Business LogisticsEuropean Journal of Operational ResearchJournal of International Business Studies and International Journal of Production Economics, earning him significant peer citations according to Google Scholars.

His research has also received awards such as the Best Analytical Research Paper Award in the Decision Sciences Institute Annual Conference, E.G. Plowman (Best Paper) Award in the Council of Logistics Management Educators conference (, the First Prize Graduate Research Award in the Transportation Research Forum, and twice the Col. Jean Migliorino and Lt. Col. Philip Piccione Endowed Research Award in the Carlos Alvarez College of Business (2003 and 2016). He is an associate editor of the Journal of Operations Management and serves on the editorial boards of the Transportation JournalJournal of Business Logistics and Journal of Supply Chain and Operations Management. Recently as one of three PIs, he received a prestigious National Science Foundation research award (#1538418) to study the Supply Chain Security and Quality Control in Business and Social Context.

Dr. Xu’s teaching specialties as extended from his long-term research experiences include management science (quantitative analysis) of business operations; managerial and strategic analysis of manufacturing, service, logistics and the encompassing supply chain operations. He has taught a wide range of graduate and undergraduate courses within management science and statistics, including Decision Analysis and Production Management, Production and Operations Management, Logistics Management, Supply Chain Management, Management Decision Support System, Simulation Applications in Business, Management Science and Operations Technology, Business Statistics with Computer Applications I and II and Quantitative Methods in Business. The UTSA MBA Association has twice awarded him the Outstanding Professor in Management Science & Statistics award in the last several years.

Selected Publications


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