Dale Truett, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus of Economics


  • Ph.D. University of Texas at Austin
  • M.A. University of Texas at Austin
  • B.A. Purdue University


Dale Truett is a professor emeritus of economics. He joined the UTSA faculty in 1973 after teaching at the University of Florida and Florida International University. He retired in 2019. He received his Ph.D. in economics from the University of Texas at Austin in 1967, his M.A. in Latin American studies from the University of Texas at Austin and his B.A. in social sciences from Purdue University. He was founding chairman of the Department of Economics at Florida International University and was UTSA’s first director of the Division of Economics and Finance. His biographical data have appeared in the following Marquis publications: Who’s Who in AmericaWho’s Who in American EducationWho’s Who in Finance and Business; and Who’s Who in the South and Southwest.

Research Interests

Dr. Truett’s current research activities, frequently carried out with his co-author, Dr. Lila Truett, include industry studies, applied international trade issues and topics in the theory of the firm. He has also co-authored three textbooks with Dr. Lila Truett. He has twice received the Carlos Alvarez College of Business Advisory Council Research Award. In recognition of his contributions to research and teaching, he was awarded an Ashbel Smith Professorship, UTSA’s highest honor for professional scholarship in 1997. He has held visiting professorships at the University of Texas at Austin and the Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey in Mexico. Also, he has traveled to over 35 countries and has done research in many of these.

Dr. Truett’s current areas of teaching include managerial economics, microeconomic theory and macroeconomics. He has previously taught courses in international economics, international finance and financial management.

Selected Publications

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