RSC Responsibilities

Step 1: Follow up with PI on Routing Form and draft budget document(s).

Once you, the Principal Investigator (PI), have notified the Research Service Center that they will be preparing a proposal, the RSC will be in touch with you about preparing a routing form and your initial draft budget.

The RSC should be notified of your intent to submit AT LEAST 5 BUSINESS DAYS before the submission deadline.

Step 2: Create customized checklist.
Your assigned RSC pre-award contact will complete a thorough review of the project guidelines and will use that to create a customized checklist for your proposal.

Step 3: Initiate the routing chain
All proposals must be reviewed and approved by all persons on a routing chain prior to submission. Your RSC pre-award contact will assist you in setting up this chain in Cayuse.
Typical routing chain for the Carlos Alvarez College of Business:

  • You as the PI
  • Pre-Award Administrator
  • COB Associate Dean for Research
  • RSC Director

Is there a co-PI from another college on your project?

  • Plan for a prolonged routing/approval timeframe. Routing requirements and timeframes vary by college.

All proposals must be routed with all sponsor-required non-technical documents (i.e. all documents except project summary/abstract and narrative/description) at least 2 days prior to submission deadline.

Step 4: Create application packet
Your RSC pre-award contact will create your proposal application packet in whichever e-system the proposal will need to be submitted through (i.e. Fastlane for NSF projects, Cayuse for all other federal projects).
Once the packet is created, your RSC contact will:

  • Enter the budget into the prescribed format
  • Complete the SF424 Face Page (if applicable)
  • Complete other form(s), as needed

Step 5: Review final, complete proposal packet.
Once the proposal application packet is finalized in the applicable e-system (or in hard copy format), your RSC pre-award contact will conduct a final review of all documents and will also provide you with a copy of the complete proposal to review one final time.

Step 6: Review and submit final proposal packet.
Once the proposal application packet has been reviewed by your RSC pre-award contact and by you (and/or other project team members), the RSC Director will complete one final review of the proposal. After this final review, the RSC Director will submit the application on behalf of UTSA.

It is rare, but if your proposal requires a hard copy submission, while the RSC will need to complete a final review of your application packet, it will be up to you whether you mail the application yourself or request that the RSC mail it for you.