PI Responsibilities

Any applications submitted for UTSA faculty or staff participation in a sponsored project, including those where UTSA is not the primary applicant, must be coordinated and approved through this process.

PI Responsibilities

Step 1: Contact the Research Service Center.

Whether you are considering a proposal submission for a particular call/solicitation or have already decided to submit, contact a pre-award administrator from the RSC and provide them with the following information:

  • Name of program and sponsoring organization you are applying to
  • Submission deadline date
  • Link to program solicitation, request for proposal (RFP) or other guideline document
  • List of names of any other internal or external collaborators (subawardees, subcontractors, consultants, etc.) on the project
    • If collaborating externally, also provide names and contact information for research staff at the external organization(s)
  • Notation regarding any required cost-sharing, if applicable

The RSC should be notified AT LEAST 5 BUSINESS DAYS before your submission deadline.

Step 2: Send your draft budget document to the RSC.

As soon as you have a preliminary draft budget and/or budget outline prepared, send it to the RSC. They can review the document and work with you to finalize it both to suit your project needs and meet UTSA and sponsor requirements.

Step 3: Verify that Conflict of Interest Disclosure is up to date.
All PIs must have a current Conflict of Interest Disclosure on file prior to submitting a proposal.

Step 4: Complete and initiate a Routing Form.
Every sponsored project must be approved through an internal routing process. All non-technical documents (i.e. all documents aside from project abstract/summary or narrative/description must be finalized before initiating and be attached to your Routing Form. For assistance with completing the Routing Form.

  • Routing Form
  • Documents that you will need to finalize and upload to Cayuse before routing:
    • Biosketch(es)
    • Budget
    • Budget justification/narrative
    • Current and pending support (DoD & NSF proposals)
    • Facilities description(s)
    • Letters of support/commitment
    • Other supporting documents

The Routing Form should be initiated AT LEAST 2 BUSINESS DAYS before your submission deadline.

Step 5: Work with the RSC to finalize the routing of your proposal.
All proposals must be reviewed and approved by all persons on a routing chain prior to submission. Typical routing order for the College of Business:

  • You as the PI
  • RSC Pre-Award Administrator
  • COB Associate Dean for Research
  • RSC Director

All proposals must be routed with all sponsor-required non-technical documents (i.e. all documents except project summary/abstract and narrative/description) at least 2 days prior to submission deadline.

Step 6: Work with the RSC to finalize and upload your technical documents.
Whether your proposal is going to be submitted to Grants.gov via Cayuse, the National Science Foundation via Fastlane, or to another sponsor through another system, you should work with your RSC pre-award contact to finalize and upload your documents into these systems.

Documents that you will need to finalize and send to the RSC to upload in PDF format:

  • Project abstract/summary
  • Project narrative/description

It is rare, but if your proposal requires a hard copy submission, preparation of the hard copy packet should also be finalized in coordination with your RSC pre-award contact.

Step 7: Review final and complete proposal packet.
Once your RSC pre-award contact has reviewed your final proposal packet they will provide you with an electronic copy of the final proposal packet as it will appear to the sponsoring organization. It is very important that you and/or other members of your project team are available and take some time to review the packet one last time before submission.