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Occurring throughout the academic year, our signature global experiences are a great way to make connections with students around the world, network with international leaders and develop solutions for real-life global business challenges.


The deadline to apply for the virtual summer experiences listed below has been extended until Friday, May 21, 2021 – apply online through RowdyLink.

Case Competitions
Through our partnership with Southbridge Access, an organization dedicated to connecting you with global business experiences, you can apply to participate in international case competitions.

Cultural Experiences (1-day)
Immerse yourself in business and cultural topics related to a specific to a country.

Global Exploration (3-5 days)
Conduct a business project or reflective activity, take part in a cultural dialogue or experience and consider your major from a global perspective.

Strategy Challenge

International companies will present a business problem that requires you to develop and present a solution.

To see a list of current signature global experiences visit RowdyLink.