What is Executive Coaching?

Executive Coaching with a trained coaching professional, can help you realize your professional potential through the development of a personalized career development plan with clearly defined goals. Much like the coach of a sports team, an executive coach will support and challenge you, as you pursue your full professional potential.

Our Model

Our certified coaches provide a confidential and safe space for participants to feel comfortable being open and honest in their one-on-one sessions. Through our coaching model, participants in the Leadership Institute engage in a three-step process: self-discovery, self-evaluation and self-motivation.

Executive Coaching Model


During the initial self-discovery phase, a series of validated assessments will give you insight into your leadership style, normal work behaviors, stress behaviors and team identity. As part of this phase, your coaching experience includes four assessments:

  • Birkman Inventory: Map your personality type including strengths, social expectations, stress behaviors and occupational interests
  • CliftonStrengths: This assessment uses positive psychology to identify your unique sequence of 34 strengths
  • LPI360+ (completed twice): Use observer assessments to assess your leadership competencies. Our model provides this assessment at the beginning and end of each coaching experience to track your performance over time.

Your coach will help you review your results and understand what they mean for you in your current professional trajectory. A benefit of taking these assessments through a trained coaching professional is that they have access to additional reports and information.


As part of self-evaluation, you will identify your areas of strength and your opportunities for improvement. Your coach works with you to help you articulate where you want to focus, define your professional path, and develop a vision of where you want to be. Activities during this phase include:

  • Capture insights from assessments
  • Identify professional goals
  • Determine how to track your behaviors and goal progress
  • As part of the Leadership Performance and Visioning Experiences:
    • Participants also complete three visioning exercises to help formulate a clear vision for their future career path


The self-motivation phase focuses on developing your personal plan and writing down goals to monitor and track behavior, first with the help of your coach, and later, on your own as you continue this goal-based best practice as a cornerstone of your continued professional development. Activities during this phase include:

  • Develop professional goals
  • Create a personal plan
  • Track behaviors and goals with your coach
  • Refine goals and course correct between coaching sessions
  • As part of the Leadership Performance and Visioning Experiences:
    • Participants have an additional opportunity to refine goals and their personal plan based on the visioning exercises
    • Additional sessions allow for a more in-depth evaluation of progress toward goals and areas of focus
Included in Your Coaching Experience

All of our coaching experiences create personal, meaningful and quantifiable outcomes for the coaching client. Your coaching experience includes:

  • Validated Assessments: As part of the self-discovery phase, you will complete measures of personality and performance. Validated by academic research, you can feel confident in your reports, which can help predict important work outcomes on the job including performance.
  • Objective Performance Assessment: Using the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI-360), you will gather objective evaluations from observers in your workplace. Your results will provide insight into your leadership style and performance on the job.
  • Personal Coaching Platform: A secure online platform will help capture your coaching experience. You and your coach will have access to your personal coaching page, where you can save all items from your experience (e.g. assessment results, notes, action items, goal tracking, communications with your coach, etc.)
  • Coaching: Our coaches are dedicated to building your experience not only during the session, but also before and after each meeting:
    • Prep Work: Your coach will reach out before each session to confirm your meeting, set session expectations and answer any questions you may have.
    • Post-Work: Your coach will capture summary notes from your session and make them available on your personal coaching page. They will also include specific actions for you to work on before your next session.
    • Communication: Your coach is available for follow-up, questions or communication between sessions through the coaching platform, so that you have consistent support and access throughout your coaching experience.
  • Resource Library Access: As you go through your coaching experience, you will have access to a repository of academic articles and readings that align with the topics and discussions in your coaching sessions. Topics include conflict management, goal setting, motivation, engagement, leadership and more.

Psychology Today references a 2015 study, which showed people were 33% more successful in achieving written goals, when compared to those who only formulated outcomes in their heads.

Coaching Price Information

If you research coaching online, you may find it hard to find pricing. Many companies or consultants adjust pricing based on your job level, experience of and demand for a coach, or if coaching occurs online or in-person.

A Harvard Business Review survey in 2009 found that executive coaches at the top level earn up to $3,500 per hour with a median of $500 per hour. A 2018 Conference Board Survey reported about half of their survey respondents charge $200 to $600 per hour, and 42 percent charge over $600 an hour.

Coaching Package Comparison

Self-Reflection Experience

This package is tailored for individuals looking for insight into their personal performance. Your assessment results and your coaching sessions will help you as you start to develop your professional goals and personal plan.

  • Four validated assessments
  • Coaching:
    • 3 hours, 2 coaching sessions
    • Assessment review

Certificate Packages:
$5,999 | For-Profit
$5,499 | Not-for-Profit or UTSA EMBA Alumni

Leadership Institute Add-on Package:

Goal-Focused Experience

The goal-focused package is best suited for anyone interested in developing a personal plan. The opportunity for coaching follow-up provides participants with the chance to monitor and track behavior for personal accountability.

  • Four validated assessments
  • Coaching:
    • 4.5 hours, 3 coaching sessions
    • Assessment review and goal tracking

Certificate Packages:

$6,799 | For-Profit
$6,299 | Not-for-Profit or UTSA EMBA Alumni

Leadership Institute Add-on Package:


Developed for managers and new leaders, the assessments provide both self-reflection and insight through the Leadership Performance Index as to how you are perceived as a leader. In addition to the assessments, three visioning exercises will help you formulate and define your future career path.

  • Four validated assessments
  • Coaching:
    • 6 hours, 4 coaching sessions
    • Assessment review, goal tracking and visioning

Certificate Packages:
$7,499 | For-Profit
$6,999 | Not-for-Profit or UTSA EMBA Alumni

Leadership Institute Add-on Package:

Leadership Performance

Specifically designed for experienced business leaders, this package includes assessments, visioning and leadership insight. To help leaders benchmark areas of growth and focus, they complete the Leadership Performance Index twice – once at the start and once at the end of the coaching experience.

  • Four validated assessments
  • Coaching
    • 9 hours, 6 coaching sessions
    • Assessment review, goal tracking, visioning and performance development

Certificate Packages:
$8,999 | For-Profit
$8,499 | Not-for-Profit or UTSA EMBA Alumni

Leadership Institute Add-on Package:

Leadership Institute Programs

Through the Leadership Institute, participants develop and enhance core skills that are fundamental to organizational success. During the online registration process for all Leadership Institute programs, participants will have the option to add or select an executive coaching experience.

Our program offerings include:

We offer a reduced rate to support and make training accessible to not-for-profit organizations and small businesses. Group pricing is available, email execed@utsa.edu for more information.