What are Custom Business Training Programs?

We offer a range of dynamic and innovative business training programs to meet the needs of organizations, and their aspiring professionals and business leaders. Based on your budget, we offer group discounts for three or more employees on existing training programs, or we can develop a highly customized program with your internal experts to incorporate real and relevant content for your organization. You may also select from a range of modalities including instructor-led, virtual, hybrid or in-person.

Steps to Develop a Custom Program

custom business training development processCustom training programs offered by UTSA help participants engage and foster experiences that improve deeper learning. These classes feature an active in-class learning environment with highly skilled instructors that will transform today’s high-potential managers into the future leaders of tomorrow.

The steps we take to create a custom program include:

  • Explore and identify the training need, target audience and scope of training
  • Design the training with stakeholders from the organization and integrate custom data and content where appropriate
  • Develop the content and running a pilot program
  • Implement the training program and evaluate the impact of the custom business training program
  • It has been a phenomenal experience working with the UTSA Carlos Alvarez College of Business Center for Professional Excellence to customize and deliver our own leadership program for rising leaders within UT Health San Antonio over the past four years. Through the customization process, we were able to design and develop a unique program specifically tailored to the needs of our physicians. The resulting program equips our participants with the needed knowledge and skill-building opportunities from the coursework they take as well as the personal insights from their executive coaching sessions to help support their continued growth and development as future leaders of our organization.

    Ramon F. Cestero, M.D., MBA, FACS, FCCM
    Executive Development Program Director, UT Health San Antonio

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Data Analytics
  • Excellent class which provided real-life experiences in the fields of study I am interested in. Through these courses, I received guidance and direction on how to apply these concepts to real-world scenarios.

    Executive Education Data Analytics
    Intro to Data Analytics

  • I have found the EDP program to be very helpful in developing my leadership skills, but have also found the personalized evaluation of my leadership qualities and the personalized coaching incorporated into the program to be extremely valuable.

    Jason Kempenich, M.D.
    EDP Participant 2018-2019

  • The Executive Development Program is awesome! It helps provide insight and education regarding things that we did not learn in school or medical training. Specifically, it has helped me to identify my personal strengths and weaknesses, while also providing tools to help me capitalize on my skills and recognize areas where I can be more effective. The program also includes executive coaching, which has been the most high-yield and helpful hours of my experience!

    Timothy McEvoy, M.D.
    EDP Participant 2018-2019

  • In addition to developing my leadership skills, the EDP has provided key management tools essential for my clinical practice. The opportunity to interact with other faculty in leadership positions at our institution has provided unique perspectives in resolving common management challenges.

    Amita Shah, M.D.
    EDP Participant, 2018-2019

  • The EDP program has imparted the tools that I need to be a successful physician leader through interactive learning, self assessments, and didactics. The exposure to this program has given me the confidence to continue on a pathway of structured learning in the world of administration.

    Anand Prasad, MD, FACC, FSCAI, RPVI
    EDP Participant 2018-2019