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Ernst & Young Renew Support for 5th Year Accounting Scholarship Program

Ernst & YoungThe Ernst & Young Foundation and E&Y UTSA alumni have raised more than $120,000 in support of the Ernst & Young Accounting Scholarship Program. The program provides scholarship support to accounting students pursuing the master of accountancy degree.

Established to increase the number and diversity of students who complete the five-year accounting program, the program provides financial support to E&Y Scholars for two years.

“I found my calling in accounting following my first Principles of Accounting course,” said Kari Weiland, an E&Y Scholar. Upon completing her internship with Ernst & Young, Weiland walked away with a job offer in the company’s audit department beginning this fall. “I’m extremely proud of all that I have accomplished,” said Weiland. “I’m extremely excited for the future and eager to give back to the university that started it all.”

“Through this collaboration with Ernst & Young, we can continue to prepare our students so that they meet the challenges faced in the workforce,” said Kim West, executive director of advancement. “It is not only an investment in our students, but [it is also an investment] in the future of the accounting profession.”

Wendy Frost—

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