We look forward to working with you and supporting you as you pursue your doctoral degree in the Carlos Alvarez College of Business. Below are a number of resources and links that you may need during your program. We look forward to seeing the exciting new knowledge that you will contribute to your chosen field of study.

Academic Resources

Continuous doctoral enrollment is a program requirement. Consult with your Ph.D. Advisor on which course(s) to register for and enroll in the appropriate course(s) if not restricted.

For more information

Please reference the Graduate Catalog, Doctoral Degree Regulations (https://catalog.utsa.edu/graduate/doctoraldegreeregulations/).

Is your course registration restricted?

Contact Don.Carrington@utsa.edu, assistant director, Doctoral Programs & Fiscal Administration

Registration FAQs

For Holds

Students must clear the hold with the office that placed the hold in order to register.

For Non-Funded Ph.D. Students

See payment deadlines on the UTSA Academic Calendar. A $100.00 late fee will be assessed if payment is not made on time.

For International Ph.D. Students

Ensure you take care of your required health insurance payment and familiarize yourself with International Programs requirements (https://global.utsa.edu/), so you do not encounter any issues and are not in violation of your status.

Accounting and Finance
BB 4.02.48
Applied Statistics
BB 4.02.68
Information Technology
NPB 2.146
Management and Marketing
BB 4.04.02

Milestone Agreement

  • Milestone Agreement Form: A timeline illustration for Ph.D. students, indicating the required milestone and expected time of achievement.
  • Milestones Agreement Form--Written Annual Feedback: This form indicates student progress toward required milestones.

Program of Study

  • Interim Program of Study: This form should be obtained from the department, as the form length and structure will vary from program to program. The Interim Program of Study is required and is to be established very early in the student's doctoral career. The student's advisor completes this form. Degree Works is to take place of this in the future.
  • Program of Study (Final): Completed in the final semester of your doctoral career by your advisor or department administrator.

Forms Available from the Graduate School


  • Application for Candidacy: This form must be filled out with your advisor to establish that you are ready to begin work on the dissertation.
  • Appointment of Doctoral Dissertation Committee: This form establishes your dissertation committee.
  • Annual Review and Individual Development Plan
  • Certification of Completion of Dissertation Requirements: The department will complete this form and route it to The Graduate School for approval once you have met all requirements to graduate.
  • Completion of the Qualifying Exam: This form must be completed after you successfully complete all parts of the qualifying exam.
  • Dissertation Proposal Approval: Submit to the advisor, dissertation committee and The Graduate School for approval.
  • Leave of Absence Request: If you require a leave of absence, you must complete this form and obtain the required signatures and route it to The Graduate School for approval.
  • Leave of Absence Extension Request: Required to request an extension to a leave of absence with required signatures and routed to The Graduate School for approval.

The Carlos Alvarez College of Business requires computer access for course-related activities, which may include, but is not limited to, assignment write-ups, web resource access, Blackboard access, video conferencing and online exams. All doctoral students are required to possess a personal laptop.

View Technology Requirements

Research and Funding

Ph.D. Excellence Fund

Submit research or travel proposals for the current academic year. You are encouraged to submit proposals early, as awards are contingent upon the availability of funds. If your proposal involves travel, submit at least two weeks in advance for review and approval.


UTSA Graduate School Funding

See funding opportunities offered by the UTSA Graduate School including, but not limited to, grants and loans, assistantships, fellowships and scholarships.

Visit Graduate School Tuition and Funding Webpage

2023 Ph.D. Student of the Year Awards

This prestigious award recognizes outstanding doctoral students for their achievements in research along with contributions to their program, college and the university.

Ph.D. Student of the Year Award recipientsAccounting
Christiana Antwi-Obimpeh

Applied Statistics
Reisa Widjaja

Heritage Oyelade

Information Technology
Xingmeng Zhao

Management and Organization Studies
Jose Cerecedo Lopez

Sonam Singh

Image of various placements for Ph.D. graduates