Intellectual discovery and innovation are a hallmark of the doctoral programs offered by The University of Texas at San Antonio Carlos Alvarez College of Business. Through the college’s environment and curriculum, our doctoral students are trained by high quality faculty in their respective fields, present at national conferences and publish their research in refereed journals.

The college offers six doctoral programs:

Due to the small size of our program, students receive close interaction with faculty members and can make a significant contribution to the research activity of the college.

The college’s doctoral classes are diverse in terms of professional experience, academic experience, cultural influences and international experiences. Commitment to research and a passion for teaching are two of the qualities that distinguish both our doctoral faculty and our graduates. Students work closely with faculty members in small classes, seminars, research projects and other assignments, aimed toward developing the analytical skills competencies to conduct independent quality research.

The Ph.D. ProjectParticipating University

Annual Deadline for Applying to Full-Time Programs is February 1.