Economics Undergraduate Degree

Why Earn a Bachelor Degree in Economics at UTSA?

The economics major in UTSA’s College of Business gives students the knowledge to understand how incentives affect human behavior, markets and the modern economic world in which we live. Essentially, economics analyzes how people with limited resources make choices and how better choices might be made.

Our curriculum is designed with a focus on critical and analytical thinking so that students are equipped with the ability to make resource allocation decisions and to solve complex issues for businesses, organizations and policymakers in modern society. As our economics degree program resides in the College of Business, our curriculum aims to enhance students’ understanding of human behavior, not only focusing on psychology or sociology, but also by studying society through a combination of business, mathematics and statistics classes.

What Are the Career Options for our Economics Majors?

The answer is practically everything and anything. An economics degree, with its focus on critical analytical thinking, is one of the most diverse undergraduate degrees that allows students to pursue a wide range of careers. Many of our majors go on to pursue advanced degrees in graduate programs in economics, law, business and public policy. Others go directly to work in business, government, finance, politics or international affairs.

Economics Skill Sets

  • analytically and critically solve complex problems for any organization
  • determine pricing policies for products in order to maximize profits
  • evaluate the impact of the (macro) economic environment on an organization
  • understand and forecast market trends and their impact on business
  • advise and make recommendations to management about key strategic decisions
  • collect and analyze data using statistical software and computer programs

Economics Employment Opportunities

  • Business, Banking and Finance
  • Economic Development
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Federal Reserve
  • Government
  • Health Care
  • International Trade
  • Law
  • Marketing and Retail
  • Public Finance
  • Public Policy

Degree Program Options

We offer both a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree and a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree. Both degree programs offer a strong economics foundation. The BA degree provides a liberal arts education and focuses more on the qualitative aspect of economics. The BBA degree aims to help you develop quantitative skills through required mathematics and statistics courses, and it provides a business education for those who desire a career path in both the public and private sectors. We also offer a Minor in Economics.

Program Curriculum

UTSA’s bachelor’s degree in economics is a 120-credit-hour program.

Required Courses for BA and BBA Degrees

  • ECO 2013: Introductory Macro
  • ECO 2023: Introductory Micro
  • ECO 3013: Intermediate Micro
  • ECO 3053: Intermediate Macro
  • ECO 3113: Introduction to Mathematical Economics
  • ECO 3123: Introduction to Econometrics & Business Forecasting

BBA majors are required to take 12 addition hours of upper economics electives. BA majors are required to take 15 hours of upper economics electives.

The most recent version of the curriculum can be found in the catalog.

The department offers upper level elective classes in a number of economic subfields to provide students access to a wide variety of applications. Our electives include (but are not limited to):

  • Behavioral Economics & Finance
  • Development Economics
  • Economics of Antitrust & Regulation
  • Economic History of the United States
  • Economics of Public & Social Issues
  • Game Theory & Business Strategy
  • Health Economics & Policy
  • Industrial Organization
  • International Economics
  • Managerial Economics
  • Money & Banking
  • Sport Economics

Why Minor in Economics?

A Minor in Economics is an extremely flexible and marketable minor. Whether your primary interest is in business, communications, law, healthcare, policy, politics, data management, international studies, or engineering, a minor in economics gives you an additional edge in the workplace.

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