The Cyber Range Open House at the UTSA Carlos Alvarez College of Business, is a way to experience our fully-licensed enterprise network first-hand. Clients of the range gain invaluable hands-on training in a safe and secure environment.

During our free event, you will be able to meet our team and experience the popular training scenarios listed below either in-person or virtually.

Scenario Overview

Ransomware Attack: After an unsuspecting user opens a document in a phishing email, the files on the system are encrypted a ransom is demanded to receive the decryption key. You will detect, analyze, and respond to the attack. During the exercise, you will also investigate the CNC server and use the information revealed to solve the case.

SCADA Vulnerability Exploit: Your plant is under attack! The attacker enters the SCADA network by exploiting an outdated web server that is installed on a computer on the SCADA network. The attack cripples the plant completely, using Modbus Force packets to toggle the plant machines such as turbines and centrifuges on and off.

Website Defacement Attack: Your company’s Apache web server is attacked, and the default website is replaced with the attacker’s own uploaded “hacked” website.

Email cyberrange@utsa.edu to learn more or find out about our next Open House event.

About Cybersecurity Education at UTSA

The Alvarez College of Business at The University of Texas at San Antonio has been providing cybersecurity education since 2001 and is one of only four institutions in Texas designated as a Center of Academic Excellence in both Assurance/Cyber Defense Education and Research, by the National Security Agency and Department of Homeland Security.

The UTSA Cyber Range

The Cyber Range in the Carlos Alvarez College of Business provides the experience of being under attack, having to work together as a team, learning and improving constantly, all without ever exposing your business infrastructure to real threats. Our range is one of only a few that offers a fully-licensed enterprise network, which means you’re able to experience customized scenarios and use security tools from vendors such as Microsoft, McAfee, Palo Alto, Check Point and IBM.

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