Graduate Event and Workshops

The Center for Student Professional Development offers a variety of professional and career development workshops that are designed to provide graduate business students with the tools and knowledge you need to secure a job offer before graduation.

Workshops are offered during the daytime as well as in the evening to accommodate working professionals. The CSPD also hosts special events and networking opportunities throughout the year. Check back often to see what’s happening in the CSPD.

Workshop Topics

  • Your Winning Resume
    Craft a resume that will help you win over both online filters and human reviewers! Learn how to tailor your resume and cover letter to a specific job description, increasing your chances of having a seat at the table for an interview.  Also learn how you can refine your resume in VMock, a smart career platform that allows you instant feedback that focuses on actual recruitment criteria and peer-peer standings. 1 hour
  • Get LinkedIn
    Whether you just want to expand your professional network or you are looking for a new career, LinkedIn is an essential part of networking. Get valuable tips on building and optimizing your LinkedIn profile. 1 hour
  • Goal Setting & Time Management
    So much to do, and so little time…or so it seems.  The labors of higher education, and life as a whole, can seem too much with the given time in a single day.  Learn how to refine your daily activities, enhancing the use and effectiveness of your most valuable commodity: TIME! 1 hour
  • In-Depth Interviewing
    Go beyond the basics of interviewing and get insider tips on handling tough questions and situations. In addition to strategies for answering curve-ball questions and managing high-pressure interviews, learn tips for quick rapport building to help you make a connection with the interviewer. 1 hour
  • Interview & Negotiating Boot Camp
    All the information you need to prepare for all types of interviews and how to negotiate the whole package when the offer comes in. 2.5 hours
  • Job Search Boot Camp
    All the information you need to perfect your resume with VMock and the latest tools and resources. 2.5 hours
  • Your Perfect Elevator Speech
    When you meet a potential employer, whether at a networking event or a chance encounter in an elevator, you have only a few seconds to make a great impression. Learn how to craft an elevator speech that shares critical information in a clear and memorable way. 1 hour
  • Negotiating a Job Offer
    Are you ready when the job offer comes in? This session will help you prepare with research tools and a step-by-step framework for negotiating the whole package. 1 hour
  • Networking Boot Camp
    All the information you need on crafting your elevator speech, updating your LinkedIn page, creating your personal brand and building your digital portfolio so you are ready to network. 2.5 hours

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