EMBA classroomExecutive MBA (EMBA) Curriculum

Our Executive MBA (EMBA) program curriculum consists of three learning tracks:

  1. Quantitative Learning Track: Featuring financial accounting, managerial accounting, finance and corporate restructuring
  2. Analytical Learning Track: Focused on business analytics, big data and cyber security, marketing and economics
  3. Managerial Learning Track: Including organizational behavior, negotiations, ethics, innovation and entrepreneurship, and leadership

Integrative Projects

As part of your program curriculum, you will engage in three integrative learning projects. The projects will combine your learning across courses. The final strategy implementation project will combine learning across the entire EMBA program.

Professional Development

In addition to the learning tracks and integrative projects above, we incorporate executive coaching into your EMBA experience. You will have professional development-focused courses in your first, third and fifth semester, and access to one-on-one sessions with an executive coach. We will help you define your career vision, develop specific goals that align with your professional trajectory, and enhance the skills you need to make your vision a reality.


Semester 1

  1. Business Analytics (Analytical Track)
  2. Executive Coaching (Professional Development)
  3. Financial Accounting (Quantitative Track)
  4. Organizational Behavior (Managerial Track)

Semester 2

  1. Data Analytics and Cyber Security (Analytical Track)
  2. Managerial Accounting (Quantitative Track)
  3. Marketing Management (Analytical Track)
  4. Strategic Analysis (Integrative Project)

Semester 3

  1. Ethics and Business Law (Managerial Track)
  2. Executive Coaching (Professional Development)
  3. Project Management (Managerial Track)
  4. Social Media Marketing (Analytical Track)

Semester 4

  1. Financial Management (Quantitative Track)
  2. Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Managerial Track)
  3. International Business Strategy (Managerial Track)
  4. Managerial Economics (Analytical Track)
  5. Strategic Planning (Integrative Project)

Semester 5

  1. Corporate Restructuring (Quantitative Track)
  2. Effective Negotiating (Managerial Track)
  3. Executive Coaching (Professional Development)
  4. International Seminar (Managerial Track)
  5. Leadership (Managerial Track)
  6. Strategy Implementation (Integrative Project – Capstone)

*Schedule and courses are subject to change.

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