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College’s Briefcase Brigade Wins First Prize in Battle of Flowers Parade

For the second straight year, the UTSA College of Business Briefcase Brigade won first place in the amusements category during the Battle of Flowers parade in April. The parade through downtown San Antonio is part of the annual Fiesta San Antonio celebration.

The brigade, which was comprised of business faculty, staff and students, performed a “precision” briefcase dance routine to the ZZ Top song “La Grange.” In support of the UTSA Roadrunners, the college’s entry also featured a large Roadrunner mascot. The group was led by Jemina Brown, assistant director of student services in the College of Business.

“We are excited that we could represent UTSA in this historic San Antonio parade,” said Dean Lynda de la Viña.”It was an honor to win for the second year in a row, and it was even more important that we could do ourpart tospread the mission of the College of Business and UTSA.”

Student participants were Cristy Borman, Cisco Cantu, Rachel Danley, Alfredo Garcia, Juan Gomez, Miguel Hinojosa, Emily Jones, Juan Antonio Ligero, Xueye Ma, Aday Magec, Erica McDonald, Jose Munoz, Nicole Munoz and Ivan Trujillo.Briefcase Brigade

Faculty participants were Dean Lynda de la Viña, Julie Dahlquist, Keith Fairchild, Dan Hollas, Dennis Lopez, Lisa Montoya, John Wald and Karen Williams.

Staff participants were Maureen Bird, Jemina Brown, Claudia Dawdy, Hope DeLeon, Wendy Frost, Barbara Jackson, Deryl Martin, Elaine Miller, Melissa Ozuna, Araceli Pacheco, Kathy Pope, Judy Quiroz, Issis Vela-Fox and Sandy Wenzel.

Wendy Frost—

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