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College Recognizes 100 Best Business Students

100bestThe College of Business recognized the 100 Best Business Students during a reception in November attended by university administrators, alumni and business and community leaders. With over 5,000 undergraduate students in the College of Business, the 100 Best Business Students epitomize the top two percent of all business students in the college.

“Our 100 Best Business Students represent the best and brightest students in the College of Business–and I dare say UTSA,” said Interim Dean Daniel Hollas.

Honorees were junior and senior business majors who were nominated by faculty and staff. The students were chosen based on their record of outstanding academic achievement, leadership and professional development. Each student received a lapel pin that denoted their honor and will serve as ambassadors for the college.

The keynote speaker for the event was Jim Mickey, BBA ’78, associate vice president for alumni programs and marketing at UTSA. “Life will take you down many paths. Two things you have control of is your effort and your attitude,” said Mickey. “What effort and attitude will you choose?”

As a group, the 100 Best have an average grade point average of 3.7. One third of the students are members of the Honors College, and 55 percent had international experiences. Seven percent of the students are veterans or serve in the Reserve Officer Training Corps and 70 percent of the students completed an internship or held a professional position. The students on average worked 21 hours a week.

Four honorees represented this distinguished class of students and shared their personal stories. Student speakers were Michael-Paul Grondel, a senior majoring in accounting; Katherine Munoz, a senior majoring in human resources;Jonathan Peterson-Ruiz, a junior majoring in international business; and Porcsha Presley, a senior majoring in management.

“My story exemplifies incredible focus and immense sacrifice,” said Grondel. “What I look forward to is seeing what impact we will have as the 100 Best Business Students in the future.”

Presley shared how she found her true talent as a leader through her experiences at UTSA. She has been active with the UTSA Ambassadors and works as a student orientation leader. “Leadership is my talent, and people are my passion,” she said. “I’m truly honored to receive this recognition.”

This is the second year that the college has recognized the 100 Best business students.

Wendy Frost—

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