The Center for Global Entrepreneurship is dedicated to integrative student research. Its research team is composed of students at various levels and disciplines. Current and past team members include Stephanie Black (Ph.D), Matt Valdez (MBA), Darshana Parekh (MBA), GianLuca Zanella (MSMOT), Deven Bhakta (MBA), Nancy Debellis (BBA) and Rebecca Garcia (MA ECO).

  • L.Y. de la Viña and Stephanie Black, “Intrastate Equity Crowdfunding: Its Comparison to Federal Crowdfunding and the Development of a First Solution Model for Capturing Impacts.” (In progress)
  • L.Y. de la Viña, “The North American Development Bank: Critical Issues.” (In progress)
  • L.Y. de la Viña and Stephanie Black, “An Empirical Comparison of the Limited Profit Limited Liability Corporation (L3C) Structure and the Benefit Corporation (BCorp) Structure as Conduits for Social Entrepreneurship Impact”. (In progress)
  • L.Y. de la Viña and Fathali Firoozi, “A Theoretical Construct of the Equity Crowdfunding Process and its Implications on Venture Capital Markets”. (In progress)
  • L.Y. de la Viña, Cory Hallam, Stephanie Black, “U.S. Equity Crowdfunding: A Review of Current Legislation and A Conceptual Model of the Implications for Equity Funding,” finalist in the venture finance category of the United States Association of Small Business & Entrepreneurship (USASBE). Presented at the annual national meeting (January 2016). Submitted for publication.
  • L.Y. de la Viña and Stephanie Black, Chapter entitled, “Equity Crowdfunding,” in P. Miesing & M. Aggestam (eds.), Educating Social Entrepreneurs: Cases, Exercises, and Commentaries, Business Expert Press of the United Nations PRME (Principles for Responsible Management Education) Book Collection, in press 2016.
  • L. Y. de la Viña, Cory Hallam, Anita Leffel, “Accelerating Collegiate Entrepreneurship (ACE): The Architecture of a University Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Encompassing an Intercollegiate Venture Experience,” Journal of Business and Entrepreneurship. Vol. 26, No. 2 (Fall 2014): pp. 95-116.
  • L. Y. de la Viña. “The Role of Universities within the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem,” invited paper and presentation for conference entitled, “Democracy that Delivers for Entrepreneurs,” sponsored by the Center for International Private Enterprise and Morgan Stanley (April 2013, Chicago, Illinois). To be published by CIPE.
  • L. Y. de la Viña. “The NAD Bank: Developments and Current Status,” presented at the Business Association for Latin American Studies (2012).
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