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Fernando Alvarez

Engage in a unique opportunity to develop your research acumen and position yourself to pursue a research-intensive career in either academia or industry as part of the Alvarez Fellows Program.

Alvarez Fellows will learn about the nature and scope of research conducted in various business disciplines and participate in experiential learning activities. First, students will study research methods as part of a three-course sequence that results in a business research competency. Working with faculty mentors, the students will also execute a personal research project to write and submit a paper to a peer-reviewed journal or academic conference. Fellows are selected in the fall semester for the program starting the following spring semester, and selection criteria for the program includes academic excellence, demonstrated research potential and the candidate’s personal interest and motivation.





Program Structure
  • Selection Process
  • GBA 3013
  • Recognition dinner
  • Develop research proposal poster
  • GBA 4023/4993
  • Attend Pre-Ph.D. Research Showcase and Symposium with poster
  • GBA 4033/4993
  • Recognition dinner
  • Develop research
  • Prepare presentation
  • Attend an international academic research conference
  • Participate as a Research Assistant to a research-active faculty member
  • Present research at Pre-Ph.D. Research Showcase and Symposium
  • Prepare research manuscript
  • Participate as a Research Assistant to a research-active faculty member
  • Prepare research manuscript
  • Recognition dinner

Alvarez Fellow Experience and Expectations

Each Alvarez Fellow will accomplish the following:

-Complete GBA 3013 and either the combination of GBA 4023 and GBA 4033 or six credit hours of GBA 4993.

-Attend and actively participate in a leading international academic research conference hosted in the United States. The scope of your participation includes attendance at plenary sessions and keynote addresses, as well as social events and receptions. As a fellow, you do not need to present a paper or poster at this conference.

-Complete a personal research project. Your project will include research planning, an academic literature review, designing and using an appropriate research methodology, and synthesizing and presenting your research findings. Deliverables associated with your research project include:

1. Delivering a proposal poster or posters at the Pre-Ph.D. Showcase and Symposium
2. Presenting research findings at a subsequent Pre-Ph.D. Showcase and Symposium
3. Developing a research manuscript or manuscripts suitable for publication in the UTSA working paper series, a leading international academic conference proceeding, or a suitable peer-reviewed journal.

-Serve as a research assistant to a research-active faculty member(s) in the Alvarez College of Business for two semesters. You will be assigned to support the faculty member(s) and perform research-related tasks as required.

-Attend the annual Alvarez Fellow recognition dinner.

Fall Semester

-Attend an information session or find out more about the program by contacting AlvarezSSC@utsa.edu.
-Apply through the Scholarship Hub in your fall semester to start the program in spring semester.

Spring Semester

-Enroll in GBA 3013 - Introduction to Academic Research, where you will learn about the nature and scope of research conducted across a variety of business disciplines.
-Receive a faculty advisor who will also mentor you throughout the program.
-Attend an annual recognition dinner at the end of your first semester.

Summer Semester

-Use your knowledge from GBA 3013 and work with your faculty advisor to develop a framework for a research proposal.
-Develop a research poster that outlines the objectives of your proposed study, summarizes previous research in the area, and describes essential elements of your proposed research methodology.

Fall Semester

-Enroll in GBA 4023 - Conducting Cutting Edge and Innovative Research and Discovery, where you will take away practical knowledge, skills and hands-on experience to conduct pragmatic and professional research in an applied area of interest. Or, complete GBA 4993, which is a six-credit hour sequence focused on you developing an honors thesis with the supervision of your faculty advisor.

-Present your research poster at the annual Pre-Ph.D. Showcase and Symposium to solicit feedback and suggestions from participating faculty members and visiting scholars.

Spring Semester

-Enroll in GBA 4033 - Communication and Visualization of Impactful Research, where you will continue your personal research project with a focus on analysis and presentation of research results. By the end of the course, you will complete the first draft of your research manuscript. Or, for those completing GBA 4993, complete the second-half of your course sequence to complete your honors thesis.

-Attend the annual recognition dinner.

Summer Semester

-Attend a major academic research conference, chaperoned by your faculty advisor. During the conference, you will be able to attend plenary and concurrent research sessions to learn about contemporary research and to participate in question-and-answer sessions alongside research faculty members from institutions across the world. The conference is also an opportunity to network with research scholars and learn more about careers in research.

-Prepare a presentation of your completed research project for the fall Pre-Ph.D. Showcase and Symposium.

Fall Semester

-Deliver your research presentation at the annual Pre-Ph.D. Showcase and Symposium.

-Work on your research manuscript.

-Serve as a Research Assistant to an active research faculty assigned by the Office of Graduate Studies and Research.

Spring Semester

-Complete your research manuscript to be submitted to an appropriate peer-reviewed journal and/or academic conference

-Serve as a Research Assistant to an active research faculty assigned by the Office of Graduate Studies and Research.

-Attend the annual recognition dinner.

-Complete the Alvarez Fellowship Undergraduate Research Program.

How to Apply

Application Deadline: September 15
Apply through UTSA Scholarship Hub

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