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Roadrunner Spotlight: Alejandro Mansbach

Alejandro MansbachLooking to grow professionally, Alejandro Mansbach, ’19 returned to his alma mater this fall to expand on his technical expertise by pursuing a M.S. in Finance degree.

“Graduate school was always in the back of my mind,” said Mansbach, who earned his undergraduate degree in management. “I wanted to gain some experience before going back to the classroom. I chose to major in finance so I’d have a degree that is more specialized and marketable.”

Mansbach is currently taking two courses: one online and one in person, while working full time. “I’m really enjoying my first finance course with Ivalina Kalcheva. We are learning about the time value of money and different financial ratios.”

Working as a regulatory compliance analyst with Big Four firm EY, he compiles research on companies and prepares reports examining their money laundering risks. Utilizing a variety of software programs to conduct his analysis, he studies items such as bank wire transactions and the jurisdiction of the transaction as part of his assessment.

Already putting his education to work, he used knowledge about inventory and financial statements from his accounting class to mitigate an issue involving a company’s invoice.

“It is definitely more challenging than I expected,” said Mansbach, who enjoys playing hockey to relieve some of the stress. “But I knew I would have to balance my work schedule with evening classes.”

Active as an undergraduate with several student organizations as well as completing an internship in D.C. with the Library of Congress, he is eager to be back on campus and take advantage of the college’s resources.

“I participated in immersions to Mexico and Hong Kong as an undergraduate, and those experiences helped forge my experiences as a young professional,” he said. “Learning about the economy, culture and business differences of other countries was extremely beneficial. I’m looking forward to pursuing further international experiences as a graduate student.”

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