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Mitra Bokaei Hosseini, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Computer Science
St. Mary’s University

Date: Thursday, March 31, 2022
Time: 11 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Meeting Link: utsa.zoom.us/my/cybercenter (no registration required, but must sign in to zoom to access the meeting)

Presentation Title: On the Verifiability, Traceability, and Trustworthiness of Software Systems

Abstract: Traceability of software artifacts has been recognized as an essential factor supporting various activities in the software system development process. Traceability means an ability to relate artifacts created during the development of a software system to describe systems from different perspectives and levels of abstraction. The objective of traceability is to ensure that a system implements the desired requirements (validation); verify that it satisfies specific properties and its specification (verification); and test its individual components and the system as a whole, and assess its compliance concerning existing standards. The lack of traceability in software artifacts can cause software failures, leading to consequences and harm, such as loss of life, service disruption, and privacy violations. My research focuses on software traceability, verifiability, and trustworthiness of software systems. I have created frameworks and tools that support the early stages of software development life cycle (SDLC) through my research. During this talk, I will discuss two main areas of contribution in this field. First, I will discuss the traceability of privacy requirements to mobile application (app) code and the challenges in creating trace links. Second, I will share results from a study to automatically elicit requirements from privacy policy text.

Bio: Mitra Bokaei Hosseini, P.h.D., is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at St. Mary’s University. Bokaei received her Ph.D. degree in May 2019 from the Department of Computer Science at University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA). Bokaei came to the U.S. from Tehran, Iran, where she received her M.Sc. degree in Information Technology from K. N. Toosi University of Technology in 2011. She also received her B.Sc. in Information Technology from Qazvin Azad University. Bokaei has four years of experience in industry as Information Security auditor, where she was responsible for evaluating information systems and security controls. Bokaei’s research spans the areas of software engineering, requirements engineering, privacy, and natural language processing. Her goal is to ensure the verifiability, traceability, and trustworthiness in software systems by developing artifacts and tools that support the early stages of the software development life cycle. She mainly focuses on the collaborative software development environments that include stakeholders with diverse backgrounds (e.g., users, lawyers, requirement engineers, software programmers, etc.) and reusable software designs to ensure that a given requirement corresponds to the end-user’s desires.

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