Research Initiatives

Cyber Analytics

The Cyber Center conducts research and develops big data solutions that address emergent information and knowledge challenges in the areas of enterprise security situational awareness and cyber-related decision making.

Such decision making includes automated decision making by devices “at the edge,” semi-autonomous decision making deep within complex networks and enabling and facilitating efficient and effective data-driven decision making by humans anywhere in the process. Past successes and current focus areas include, but are not limited to the following areas.

  • “Smart” cyber forensics tools
  • Anomaly detection focused analytics
  • Risk based analytics and triage algorithms
  • Root cause attribution-based analytics
  • Security of big data

Cyber Security

The center’s cyber security research focuses on enhancing government and industry’s ability to protect, defend, respond and investigate in the face of an ever-changing and increasingly complex threat landscape. Center researchers tackle real-world challenges and provide timely solutions in the following research areas, among others.

  • Insider threat detection
  • Digital forensics
  • Cyber physical system security
  • Cyber threat hunting and risk assessment
  • Cloud, mobile and IoT cyber security and forensics
  • Social, organizational, psychological and economic aspects of cyber security