Nicole Beebe, Ph.D.

Carlos Alvarez College of Business

Department Chair of Information Systems and Cyber Security and Melvin Lachman Endowed Chair

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  • Cyber Security: Behavioral, Managerial, and Technical Issues
  • Data Analytics​: Cyber Analytics and Computational Digital Forensics
  • Digital Forensics
  • Intelligent Forensic Algorithms
  • Media and Network Intrusion Forensics

Our Experts

Artificial Intelligence for/in Security
Authorization and Access Control
Behavioral Information Security
Biomedical Informatics
Critical Infrastructure Security
Cyber Forensics
Cyber-Physical Systems
Cyber Security
Cyber Training
Data Science
Digital Forensics
Internet of Things (IoT)
Machine/Deep Learning
Machine Vision
Malware Forensics
Mathematics and Optimization
National Security Policy
Natural Language Processing
Privacy (Enhancing) Technologies
Social Engineering

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