The Cyber Center contributes significantly to UTSA’s flagship cyber security educational programs and has partnered with organizations internally as well as externally in the community.

Official U.S. Army Reserve Cybersecurity Program
The center spearheaded the effort that resulted in UTSA being selected as one of the original six (and now eight) preferred cyber security education programs for the U.S. Army Reserve. The effort educates Army reservists who are degree seeking at any level from a bachelor’s degree to a Ph.D. degree. The program focuses on educating the Army Reserve’s cyber work force.

National Defense University Partnership
The Cyber Center was integral in the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with National Defense University’s iCollege. The partnership is designed to extend academic opportunities between students and faculty at NDU and UTSA.

University of Tulsa’s Cyber Corps Multi-University Track Program
A partnership that establishes an innovative educational partnership between UTSA and the University of Tulsa by allowing students to enter UTSA’s MSIT Cyber Security program, take 15 MSIT cyber security credits at UTSA, and then transfer to the University of Tulsa to take their remaining 15 Computer Science/Cyber Corps courses and complete their MS in Computer Science with a concentration in Cyber Operations from Tulsa.

Scholarship for Service (SFS) Cybercorps Program
A cross-departmental scholarship partnership managed by CIAS and The Cyber Center.

Pathogenic Outbreak Investigations Program
A cross-disciplinary scholarship program designed to advance the state of the art in quantitatively assessing these threats through advanced research and workforce development by leveraging the conceptual similarities of biological and digital threats through formal scientific exchanges. It involves biology, computer science, information systems and cyber security undergraduate students.

Master of Science in Data Analytics Program
The center was integral in designing UTSA’s Master of Science in Data Analytics program (launched Fall 2016), which is a cross-disciplinary effort between the Information Systems and Cyber Security Department and the Management Science and Statistics Department. The center helped architect the program and center faculty are involved in the delivery, maintenance and growth of the program.

Online Program in Cyber security
In 2015, the center and the departments of Information Systems and Cyber Security and Computer Science teamed and were selected to design UT System’s new online program in cyber security (launched Fall 2017).

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