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Working Paper Series
We accept papers intended for publication in peer-reviewed journals or proceedings volumes. We will NOT accept reprints, chapters from authored books, or theses; nor will we accept philosophical or rough drafts not intended for publication. Except for papers by our UTSA College of Business faculty on development leaves or on visiting appointments at other universities, papers must be based on work done at UTSA, inspired by an invited visit to or collaboration at UTSA, or funded by a UTSA grant.

If the author, or one of the authors, is a UTSA College of Business faculty member, approval is automatic. All other papers require sponsorship by a UTSA COB faculty member (in residence or on leave). For example, a doctoral student may be sponsored by their faculty advisor or dissertation supervisor. A completed Submission Form must accompany every paper (see below).

To Submit A Paper
  1. Create a MS Word version of your paper, complete with figures.
  2. In the acknowledgements:
    1. Note the association of this work with the with the COB Mission Statement and
    2. Identify the funding institution if any and grant number associated with this work.
  3. Complete the submission form.
  4. E-mail the following 3 files to
    1. a copy of your paper, complete with figures, in MS Word format, *.doc;
    2. a text file of just your abstract
    3. the completed submission form, SubmissionForm.doc, in MS Word format.
In the acknowledgments section of your paper, please note how this work is connected to the College of Business at UTSA. For example, the work may have been done while you were a faculty member in the College, funding for the research may be from a COB grant, the work may have been based on a collaboration begun at a COB workshop, or the paper may be the result of discussions at the COB. If you have questions about appropriate wording, please contact the COB Communications Officer or the UTSA Publications Office. Also, please include JEL classification code(s) right beneath the abstract of your paper. Find JEL Classifications codes HERE.

Also in the acknowledgments section of your paper, please note any research grants which supplied funding, and include the funding organization and the grant number.

All of our Working Papers are listed on the COB website and are available for reading and/or printing in .pdf format. Electronic copies will be kept indefinitely on the working papers page of the COB Website.

Citation Information
When your Working Paper appears in print, please notify the OGS&R with a full citation, including the new title (if applicable), journal or book, volume number, year, page numbers, and publisher. Submit this citation and a file which contains a copy of the paper (if changed) to

UTSA COB Mission Statement
The College of Business is dedicated to creating and sharing knowledge that enhances the translation of theory to practice. The College combines rigor with relevance and provides innovative solutions to global business challenges.


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