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Your Sophomore Year

In your sophomore year you will be taking more business courses and you will have more opportunities to meet with business professionals and learn about various industries. Take advantage of the resources and events available to you in this exciting and critical time in your professional development.

Check your academic progress with an academic advisor. If you haven’t already met with your academic advisor to set up your degree plan, do so right away.

Develop relationships with advisors, faculty, and staff. Introduce yourself to your professors, ask questions, and visit their office during office hours. At some point, you will need a recommendation letter from a faculty member. Advisors, faculty and staff can provide you with insights and understanding that could affect your choice of a major or pursuit of a career. They may also become a key part of your professional network.

Continue exploring your interests through courses and activities. Speak to your academic advisor about how to customize your degree with a minor. Use elective hours to take courses in areas where you might have a special interest. Advising Centers are found at both the Main Campus (BB 2.02.04) and the Downtown Campus (BV 1.304). To set up an appointment with an academic advisor at the Main Campus, call (210) 458-4562. If you desire an appointment with an academic advisor at the Downtown Campus, call (210) 458-2550.

Seek leadership opportunities. You can gain valuable leadership skills that employers seek in job candidates. Participate as a volunteer. Join a campus group or sports team.

Write or update your résumé! Pick up a copy of our official College of Business résumé template at the center. Better yet, download the template.  The template will help you achieve a professional “look” quickly and guide you on the kind of information you will want to include on your résumé.  Then come by BB 2.01.08 or call (210) 458-
4039 to set up an appointment with one of our Career Counselors to review your résumé.

Attend Center for Student Professional Development and University Career Center programs. Learn about career and industry-related topics.  Workshop topics include Résumé Writing, Interview Skills, Career Fair Pointers, Etiquette, and Finding an Internship. Additionally, the Frost Lecture series can create opportunities to make great contacts with corporate executives.

Go to career fairs! Career Fairs are held during both the fall and spring semesters. Even if you aren’t currently seeking employment or an internship, attendance at these events can be very helpful in expanding your network and can help you to research potential companies for future employment.

Explore work experiences, including internships and co-ops. Professional work experiences are highly valued by employers. To gain these experiences, you must begin applying early in your college career.  Finding a non-credit internship as a sophomore can be very beneficial to your job search in later years.

Continue to use the Center for Student Professional Development and Handshake to search for viable internship and job opportunities. Understanding how to use both of these valuable resources can help you to find the best opportunities for your specific goals.  You can obtain additional materials about using these systems in the Center for Student Professional Development (BB 2.01.08).

Broaden your business knowledge. Read business publications such as BusinessWeek or the Wall Street

Consider Studying Abroad. The College of Business offers semester-long and short "immersion" experiences to expose students to international business.  An immersion experience is a for-credit course offered in the summer and led by a faculty member. Trips last typically 8 to 15 days.  Students apply to the program and, once accepted, register for the course. Funding is available to help defray the cost of travel.  Plan early. Students may also do a traditional study abroad program for a full semester.  Check with the Office of International Business Programs or join the Global Business Club


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