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Your Junior Year

During their junior year, students become eligible for a large number of internships. The process to gaining an internship or co-op opportunity can be very lengthy. Thus, persistence, research and refining job search documents are of the utmost importance.

First Semester

  • Meet with your Academic Advisor. By doing so, you can be sure that you are on the fast track to graduation. Meeting with your advisor periodically can prevent you from taking unneeded classes, and help you monitor your grade point average.

  • Prepare for on-Campus interviews. In order to apply or interview with many companies that recruit on campus, students must complete a few items. 1) Complete your Handshake profile and submit it for review. 2) Submit your resume for review through Handshake. 3) The UTSA Career Center will review your profile and any documents submitted. Once approved, you will then have the ability to apply to employers through the Handshake system. The review process can take longer during peak application times such as career fairs, so make sure to complete these steps early!

    The Center for Student Professional Development also recommends completing the Career Action Program. Students have the opportunity to complete this program during the MGT 3003 course and are welcome to repeat the program to continue improving your interview skills.

  • Understand your strengths and identify areas for improvement. Make a list of professional skills and how you can acquire or further develop these skills. Practice articulating your strengths and limitations so that in an interview you are able to feel comfortable with talking about yourself.

  • Update your résumé and cover letter. Update and review your résumé and cover letter making sure to use the COB templates.  If you have specific questions, schedule an appointment to see a College of Business Career Counselor to review your drafts and prepare your job search documents for a variety of positions.

  • Explore internship and co-op options early. Deadlines for summer internships with large employers can be as early as November of the preceding year. Look for internship possibilities in the COB Recruiter, Rowdy Jobs or via employers’ Web sites to learn about the requirements and deadlines.

  • Use Handshake to find internship and co-op opportunities. Understand how to use the online Handshake system offered through the UTSA Career Center. Any questions about use of this resource can be directed to the CSPD (BB 2.01.08) at or the UTSA Career Center (University Center 2.02.04) at

  • Meet employers at Career Fairs, On-Campus Recruiting Tables, and through employer events like information sessions and receptions. Do research on your targeted companies, industries, and opportunities.

  • Expand your professional network through clubs, professional organizations, family, friends, other students, faculty, and staff. Tell your friends and colleagues about the kinds of positions you seek.

  • Enroll in the Career Action Program (CAP). CAP is a 15 hour certification program in professional development.  Students have the option of enrolling in CAP when they enroll in MGT 3003 with Dr. Bennie Wilson or Professor Sandra Flores. This program helps students prepare their résumé and elevator speech. Students also work on interviewing and networking skills with area employers. Details about how to participate in this program can be found in the CSPD.

  • Consider an International Experience. If you haven’t completed an immersion program or semester- long study abroad but would like to, the fall is the best time to gather all of the necessary information and approvals. Meet with the COB Office of International Business Programs then meet with your academic advisor to see how the experience will fit in your degree plans.  If you’re unsure where to start, come talk to us in the Center for Student Professional Development.

Winter Break and Second Semester

  • Monitor Handshake job postings regularly. Many positions are posted throughout the semester. Stay informed and apply to those opportunities that interest you. Follow up on applications.

  • Stay positive. Maintain a positive attitude and be flexible and realistic. The internship/co-op search can take time. Have at least one focus area, but pursue alternatives.

  • Revisit career resources.  Use search engines, Web sites, publications, trade journals, professional associations, and directories. Many of these are available on campus through the John Peace Library, and the Center for Student Professional Development.

  • Refine interview skills through individual coaching and practice interviews with College of Business
    Career Counselors.

  • Network with College of Business seniors to learn about possible internships/co-ops and contacts.
    Remember that people you meet at UTSA may help you get a job in the future.

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