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The Center for Student Professional Development (CSPD) believes that internships are an essential component of a student's college education. Internships allow students to obtain work experience, gain knowledge of business functions, explore a chosen career path, improve team work and communications skills, and increase marketability and value to employers. All business students are encouraged to seek internship opportunities related to their chosen field of study.

What is an Internship?
  • An internship is a short-term employment assignment, during the summer or regular school year that is related to a student's major or career goal. Interns work in a professional setting under the supervision of a practicing professional. Students are encouraged to do multiple internships. Students often ask, "Will I be paid?" Many, but not all, internships offer remuneration.

Types of Internships
  • Academic Credit--You may earn academic credit for your internship if you meet all the prerequisites and the GPA requirement. Meet with your academic advisor to determine whether you are eligible. If you are not eligible to obtain credit at this time, we strongly urge you to do the internship anyway for the professional experience. Enroll in the Academic Transcript Notation Program and take your next internship for credit.

  • Non-Credit Internships-Academic Transcript Notation Program--If you do not seek academic credit, you may still receive official university recognition of your internship by participating in the Academic Transcript Notation program: 1). Register your internship with the CSPD at the beginning of the semester (by the end of the third day of class). 2). Complete the internship. 3). Work with your employer to have your evaluation submitted to the CSPD by the last day of class.

How do I find an Internship?
Our job at the CSPD is to help with your internship search and we have many tools to assist you. Ultimately, however, the process is in your hands.

To begin:

1. Ask yourself, "Do I want or need an internship for credit?"
(Some employers require that you earn credit for your internship.)
If the answer is yes, determine all the prerequisites needed for a for-credit internship in your major. Prerequisites are listed:

  • In the catalog under your major

  • In the instructions for Internship Packet for Academic Credit (you can also pick up a copy in academic advising).

  • If you are not completing a for-credit internship, you can still receive official university recognition through the Academic Transcript Notation Program

2. Meet with an academic advisor if you have any questions about doing an internship for credit.

3. In the CSPD, pick up:

All of these are available on our website.

4. Sign up for RowdyJobs if you have not done so at

5. Make an appointment to review your résumé with our Career Advisors in the CSPD (BB 2.01.08)
at 458-4039. All business students must use the COB Résumé format. Download it from the CSPD website.

6. Sign up for a CSPD internship workshop through Rowdy Jobs to gain direction with your internship search.

7. Polish your interviewing skills. Make an appointment for a mock interview with Career Advisors in the CSPD at 458-4039.

8. Submit Internship Applications!

Internship Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When can I do an internship?
Students may complete an internship at any time of the year and at any time in their academic career. Remember that a for-credit internship requires that students have met the academic prerequisites. These prerequisites vary by major so check with your academic advisor or the catalog to determine your eligibility. If you are not ready for a for-credit internship, do one anyway and get it noted on your transcript with our Academic Transcript Notation Program.

When should I look for an internship?
Deadlines for well established internship programs can be as early as one or two semesters prior to the start of the internship. For example: Employer recruitment for summer internships can take place the previous fall. Other employers post internships 1-2 months before they start. Give yourself time to research and apply for an internship. It's never too early to start searching!

What if I'm a senior? Is it too late to do an internship? It's never too late to get experience in your field. Check UTSA's Rowdy Jobs or the COB Recruiter and meet with a Career Counselor in the CSPD for more information.

Do internships have application deadlines? Yes. Just like a job application process, internship programs have application deadlines. All application deadlines and instructions are documented in the internship announcement. It is your responsibility to know the application deadlines. NOTE: Summer internship programs can have application deadlines that start in November of the previous year.

How do I make myself more competitive for an internship?

  • If you want an internship with a company that has established a formal internship program, attend the company's on-campus information session and introduce yourself to the recruiter.
  • Attend a CSPD-sponsored internship workshop. Pick up the schedule in the CSPD and sign up for the workshop on Rowdy Jobs.
  • Schedule a résumé review and a mock interview with a business Career Counselor in the CSPD.

Do all internships count for academic credit No. You must have met all the academic requirements to be eligible for a for-credit internship. Meet with an academic advisor to assess your readiness to do an internship for academic credit.

May I be paid while doing an internship for academic credit? Yes and many internships offer remuneration. Even if you are not paid, you will still benefit from the experience and networking gained from an unpaid internship.

Is there a difference between a part-time job and an internship? Yes. In almost all cases, part-time jobs are long-term employment positions that help support you financially while in college, but are not always related to your academic field. The CSPD encourages all students to seek an internship that is related to your field which will give you experience and help to build your résumé beyond graduation.

How many internships should I do? There is no limit. Students may profit the most by completing several internships. Your first one may not be for credit. When you have satisfied all the prerequisites, your next one can be for credit.

What kind of work can I expect to do at my internship?
As an intern you may find yourself completing many duties and tasks. Students perform essential functions of the company including financial analysis, research, writing, planning, database management and more. Participating in day-to-day activities gives you industry knowledge and first-hand experience with the organization.

View the current list of available internships in the COB Recruiter.



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