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The UTSA Statistical Consulting Center (SCC) operates within the Department of Management Science and Statistics in the College of Business. The SCC provides statistical consulting services to UTSA faculty, staff, students, as well as individuals in the community.

The SCC offers a unique opportunity for individuals to obtain statistical consultation and services on various aspects of research, including research design, instrument development, data management and analysis, interpretation and reporting of results, and statistical programming.

Our staff consists of Management Science and Statistics faculty and Ph.D. students in applied statistics. After an initial free consultation, hourly rates are determined based on UTSA affiliation and election of either faculty or student SCC staff. These rates are provided below and apply to any project less than 20 hours. Rates for projects requiring more than 20 hours will be negotiated between the client and SCC.

Client SCC Staff Member Hourly Rate
UTSA Faculty
Faculty $80
  Ph.D. Student $40
UTSA Student
Faculty $60
Ph.D. Student $30
Non-UTSA Students
Faculty $100
Ph.D. Student $50
Non-UTSA Organization
Faculty $150
  Ph.D. Student $75

*Note: The rates above are comparable to those offered by other United States universities and typically less than those offered by private statistical consulting companies. As per University policy, rates for individuals not associated with UTSA include direct and indirect costs, whereas rates only reflect direct costs for UTSA affiliates. Students receive lower prices to assist with their academic success.

Student policy
The SCC is committed to assisting students at UTSA and other institutions with their research projects (dissertations, theses, independent research studies, etc.); however, our policy states that the student's research advisor must be aware of the work being conducted by the SCC.

Therefore, the SCC requires a written document (e.g., email or letter) from the advisor indicating 1) that they are aware that the student is working with the SCC, and 2) any work restrictions on the student's project (e.g., the SCC may conduct the statistical analyses, but cannot write up the results). This policy exists to ensure the integrity of the student's work.

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