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The Department of Information Systems and Cyber Security prides itself in its diversity. The faculty a wide range of research interests, from technical to managerial and behavioral issues. Detailed information regarding our faculty and their publications is available at our department website.

Yoris A. Au
Education: Ph.D. Business Administration (area of concentration: Information and Decision Sciences), University of Minnesota, 2004; MBA Katz Graduate School of Business, University of Pittsburgh, 1993; B.S. Civil Engineering Parahyangan Catholic University, Indonesia, 1987.
Research Interests: information technology adoption; economics of information systems; e-commerce and e-payments; open source software; telecommunications.

Nicole L. Beebe
Education: Ph.D. Information Systems, The University of Texas at San Antonio, 2007; M.S. in Criminal Justice, Georgia State University, 1997; B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Michigan Technological University, 1995.
Research Interests: digital forensics, information security and data mining.

Kim-Kwang (Raymond) Choo
Ph.D. Information Security, Queensland University of Technology, 2006; Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, University of Queensland, 2005; M.S. Information Technology, University of South Australia, 2002; Bachelor of Applied Science, University of South Australia.
Research Interests:
cyber crime, cyber security, digital forensics and mobile.

Glenn B. Dietrich
Education: Ph.D. Information Systems, University of Texas at Austin.
Research Interests: information assurance; technology management; the adoption of innovation; and knowledge management.

Myung S. Ko
Education: Ph.D. Information Systems, Virginia Commonwealth University, 2003; M.A. Accounting, Virginia Commonwealth University, 1990; B.A. University of Washington, 1982.
Research Interests: the impact of IT on organizations, business value of IT (including ERP and E-commerce), information security, agent technology, data mining, and accounting information systems.

Charles Liu
Education: Ph.D. Business Administration (area of concentration: Management Information Systems), Katz Graduate School of Business, University of Pittsburgh, 2008; M.A. Economics, Tulane University, 2002; B.A. Economics, Xiamen University, China 1999.
Research Interests: information technology adoption and diffusion; economics of information systems; standards competition in IT markets; software versioning and customization; E-commerce; and telecommunications.

Chino Rao
Education: Ph.D. Information Systems, University of Texas at Austin, 1990; M.S. Chemical and Petroleum Refining Engineering, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO, 1974; B.Tech. Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India, 1971.
Research Interests: security cultures in organizations, social networks in patient communities, trust and risk in internet shopping.

H. R. Rao
Ph.D. Information Systems, Purdue University, 1987; MBA University of Delhi, 1981; B. Tech, Indian Institute of Technology, 1979.
Research Interests:
management information systems, decision support systems, e-business, emergency response management systems and information assurance.

Rohit Valecha
Ph.D. Management Information Systems, University of Buffalo, 2015; M.S. Computer Science, University of Buffalo, 2010; B.S. Electrical Engineering, University of Buffalo, 2009.
Research Interests:
security and privacy, crisis response.

Diane B.Walz
Education: Ph.D. Information Systems, University of Texas at Austin, 1988; MBA Washington University, Graduate School of Business Administration, 1981; B.A. Mathematics, St. Louis University, 1972.
Research Interests: group process in software design; personality characteristics of software developers; data modeling for information security.

John Warren
Education: Ph.D. Management Information Systems, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2003; MBA Governors State University, 1994; B.A. Sociology, Knox College, 1976.
Research Interests: virtual team interaction and performance; IT adoption and diffusion; virtual communities.

Department faculty have published in journals such as MIS Quarterly, Management Science, Information Systems Research, Science, Communications of the ACM, Communications of the AIS, European Journal of Information Systems, Journal of Information Systems, Decision Science, Decision Support Systems, Database, Omega, Information & Management, IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, & Cybernetics, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, and IEEE Network

For further information, please contact Yoris Au at

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