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Seminar Series: Fall 2014
The seminar series will usually take place on Fridays in a Business Building room, but the exact time and location could be different due to a variety of factors including room availability in the Business Building. For actual direction to the Business Building, please see campus map. For additional information contact Dr. Kefeng Xu, (210) 458-5388.

Friday, Fri, Oct 10 2014, 3-4pm, Business Building, BB 3.03.20.

  • Presenter: Baogui Xin, Associate Professor, Department of Management Science, College of Economics and Management, Shandong University of Science and Technology

  • Presentation Title: A differential oligopoly dual-game with sticky goods prices and water-right trading

  • Abstract: A dynamic oligopoly dual-game is studied in which goods prices are sticky and water-right trading occurs. Unlike studies in the literature, oligopolies in this study exist not only in the goods game but also in the water-right game. Static, closed-loop, open-loop and feedback equilibrium conditions are analyzed. The evolution complexity of optimal trajectories is also considered. The impact of oligopoly competition on the social welfare is finally examined. [Keywords: Differential Game; Dynamic Optimization; Oligopoly Competition; Social Welfare.]

  • Speaker Bio: Professor Xin is currently a visiting scholar at the Department of Management Science and Statistics, College of Business, UTSA.

Friday, Oct. 31, 2014, 3-4pm, Business Building 4.02.10 (Executive Conference Room)

  • Presenter: Ming-Hui Chen Professor Department of Statistics, University of Connecticut

  • Presentation Title: T.B.A.

  • Abstract: T.B.A.




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