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Management of Technology Program

Fall 2007

Spring 2007

  • Joseph Acosta: Workflow Processes:  Impact on Resources, Time, and Cost.
  • Steven Bernstein: Infinidie Media Distribution, LLC Business Plan.
  • Darrell Drouillard:  Transfusion Therapy for Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia Patients: A Laboratory Perspective.
  • Douglas Fussner: Leveraging Knowledge in the Technical Organization to Improve Capabilities, Product Quality and Project Management Efficiency
  • Nitesh Jain: Offshore Model; Capital Unit Vs Outsourcing
  • Edmund Luquette III: Organizing an International Funding Forum for Hi-Tech Companies in the Canary Islands, Spain.
  • Gerardo Morales Hierro: Organizing an International Funding Forum for Hi-Tech Companies in the Canary Islands, Spain
  • Rucha Nakade: Dashboard Management in an IT Company
  • Kevin Phillips: Aligning CPS Energy Business Practices with PMI Processes

Fall 2006

  • Norma Cantu: Intranasal Drug Delivery Study.
  • Karen Carpenter: Adaptation and Implementation of a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) in the Fire Technology Department at Southwest Research Institute.
  • Michael Luna:  Acquisition Integration Issues and Recommendation for Improvement of M&A Activity for Intertek ETL SEMKO.
  • Osvaldo Murillo: Supply Chain Collaboration for the Medical Device Industry.
  • Lori Nero:  The Study and Recommendation for Improvements on the Process for a Work Request at CPS Energy Phase I.
  • Marissa Rodrigues: Recommended Changes for Auditing Process.

Summer 2006

  • Ronald Cook: Applications in the Management of Technology: Increasing Company Profit Through Strategic Sales and Marketing Processes.
  • Eduardo Rivera Deniz: Collaboration Speed Part I: Framework.
  • Joe W. Rodriguez:  Work Environment Variables Affecting Performance of Engineers.
  • Alberto Vasquez: Clinical Engineering: Challenges of Facing University Health Science Centers and Instrumentation Technology Management.

Spring 2006

  • Robert Acosta: Organizational Mentoring and Socialization: A New Approach to the Use of Mentoring in the Socialization Process of New Employees.
  • Ryan D. Aldrich: The Link between Technology Risk Management and Schedule Delays in the F/A-22 Raptor Project.
  • Sunil Bolleddu: A Literature Review of Offshore Outsourcing of IT, BPO from US to India.
  • Erika Butler: Training Manual for Quality in the Manufacturing Environment.
  • David Dickerson: Interactive Cost Estimation Tutorial.
  • Edward Fransen: Peaceful Home Construction Inc.
  • Adam R. Marin: The Right Stuff: An Investigation Into the Life Cycle of Technical Leaders.
  • Adrian Moore: Re-Organization of IT Department to Bolster Innovation and Incorporate Human Factors During the Design Process.
  • Felix Perez: CORE: An Information Technology Portfolio Governance Framework.
  • Jerry Smith: Computer Lab Customer Service Burnout: Causes and Remedies.
  • Janette Torres: How Do Critical Success Factors and Success Criteria Align as a New Approach for Project Success Within an Organization?

Fall 2005

  • Shih-Fang Chiu: The OEM Experience: A Look at Technology Development in Taiwan.
  • Robert Creek: Challenges of Technology Transfer from the Research Lab to the Field.
  • Minerva Garcia-Delgado: Key Factors of Technology Transfer in the United States.
  • Erik Henderson: Mobile Technology and Virtual-Team Communication.
  • Alberto King: Strategic Management for Small Engineering Firms.
  • Ryan Lamm: Managing Technological Innovation in Intelligent Transportation System Communications Infrastructures.
  • Michelle Ocampo: Research on Best Practices for Teleworking & Hewitt Assoc. Virtual Workforce Suggestions.
  • Ronald Seifert: Project Status Reporting Using Earned Value Management on System Integration Projects.

Summer 2005

  • Clint Adamkavicius: Study of a COVERT VEHICLE VANGARD System (for transmitting location) with Feasibility and Manufacturing Assessment.
  • Bessie Irizarry: Every Step Adds Errors:  Tips to Implement an Effective Data Collection System.
  • Ruben Mancha: Understanding the Canary Islands' Business Environment.
  • Jeffrey Nelson: Customer Knowledge Management: Enhancing Customer Loyalty Through Knowledge Management.
  • Sheshieda Scott: The Business Intelligence (BI) Dilemma.

Spring 2005

  • Brian Blackwell: Design Verification and Marketing of New Spherical Bearing Design for Aerospace Use
  • Terri Davis: Analysis of Expertise Seeding in the Projects in Space Learning Experience, Phase I.
  • Gilbert Dominguez: Aligning Cryotologic Systems Group (CPSG) Strategies to Support a Global Information Grid (GIG) Environment.
  • Jeff Fasenmyer: Application of Corporate Barter in the Propulsion Directorate.
  • Nancy Garcia: Outline and Presentation in utilizing a Professional Development Engineer Matrix Tool.
  • Donald Hawkins: Integrating Digital Games and Simulations as a Tool to Improve Individual Learning.
  • Juan Nieves: SITE Project: Smooth IT Environment.
  • Michael Nishimuta: Strategies to Improve Diffusion of Contactless and Radio Frequency Identification Technology in Consumer Applications.
  • Martin Schmid: Technical Framework for Building Information Modeling
  • Carlos Torres: Development of Antineoplastic Drugs From Early Research To Marketing Approval: A Guide For Phoenix Biotechnology Inc.

Fall 2004

  • Joel E. Goode IV: Texas Nodal System: An Analysis of the Systems Implications on CPS.
  • Amelia Kardokus Badders: CPS and Our Journey to Define Our Vision.
  • Robert D. Paysinger: Maximizing LM6000 Gas Turbine Generators in the New Power Market.

Spring 2004

  • John Ferencak: Project Management Benchmarking of Marmon Mok.
  • Thanawak Jayaronariddhi: Technology Transfer: Guidance for Thay SMEs.
  • Gustaf McGrath: The Union Pacific-Southern Pacific Merger: A Technology Management Mishap.
  • Hulon Pearre: The Impact of Carbon Nanotubes on Semiconductor Manufacturing: Past and Present.

Fall 2003

  • Chinyere Anyanwu: The Disconnect: Large Tech and Small Tech Businesses: 'An Alternative Business Model'.
  • Pramod Buravalli: Technology Vision - An Indian Experience.
  • Ana Cabrales: Applying Airplane Maintenance Concepts in the Motorola Nogales Maintenance Program.
  • Judge Chen: Achieving Enhanced Profitability - Lessons learned from managing aircraft completions projects.
  • Donald Floyd: Perioperative Blood Recovery Services: Managing Balance.
  • Michelle Germann: Influence of Project Managers on the Motivational Factors of a Project Team.
  • Eric Hodeen: Information Technology Resource Man
  • Michael Madison: Promotional video for the MOT.
  • Heidi Muller: A Technological Data-Base Innovation Involving the Field of Mycology.
  • Thomas Peralta: Remaking a Tradition: Culture and Technology for the Next Generation Navigator.
  • Cynthia Pope: Relationships of Learning Styles and Occupations.
  • Richard Rizo: Grant Sources for Distance Learning/Academic Technology and Management of Technology Program.
  • Federico Roesch: Intellectual property: Basic knowledge and global perspectives.
  • Richard Ruble: Intellectual Property and the University.
  • Troy Seldon: Department of Homeland Security: S&T Program Performance Management Plan.
  • Lynn Westbrook: Successful Technology Planning: Lessons Learned from the Project Manager.
  • Linda Whitesell: One Step Further: An SBC Online PMO Reorganization Proposal.
  • Geri Williams: Project Management Enhances Success for Research Grants.
  • Daniel Zucker: Integration of Project Management with a Six Sigma Methodology.

Summer 2003

  • James Arps: Optimization of Internal Research and Development Resources for Nonprofit Research Organization

Spring 2003

  • Kirk Caddell: Human Factors for Knowledge Management in Drug Development.
  • Pilar DelAngel: Applying Knowledge Management Strategy to SWRI for More Effective R&D.
  • Glen Hicks: Product Portfolio Management: Where Product Managers Influences Strategic Balance and the Product Pipeline.
  • Dewey Keeton: Management Quality Improvement- (presented jointly with Adan Longoria).
  • Jose Velazquez: How to manage IT Personnel: Retention, Motivation and Productivity.
  • Barbara Williams: Partnerships: When Principles of Sound Project Management Aren't Enough.

Fall 2002

  • Daniel Sigmond: Retaining Engineers and Scientists in Air force.
  • Alejandro Sanz: Work Force and Human Labor Resources in Canary Island.
  • Adam Longoria: Management Quality Improvement.

Summer 2002

  • Lisa Napolitano: Improved Knowledge Management for PSSA.
  • Cyndy Reisdorph: DFB Pharmaceuticals: Key Exhibits for Healthpoint R&D.
  • Frank Szarka: A case study in organizational learning: Philips Electronics Quality Improvement Competition.

Spring 2002

  • Scott A Beggs: Development of requirements for the parametric modeling of development costs for business jet interiors.
  • Mickey Carl Cox: Engineering and Technical Support Services (ETSS) II Acquisition Strategy.
  • William T Holland: Flexibility, Stability and Profitability: Exploring the effects of using leased employees in a manufacturing environment.
  • Paul Pankratz: Considerations and means of diffusing a positive culture in rapidly expanding technical organizations.
  • Rene San Miguel: Enterprise Resource Planning and Strategic Strategies impacting two major Fortune 500 Companies.

Fall 2001

  • John A. Fritz: R&D Collaboration between large firms and individual inventors/fledgling start-ups: Seeking a blueprint for successful collaborations.
  • Jessica Gutierrez: Benefits and challenges of implementing a media asset management system.
  • Todd Harrah:Considering Uncertain Futures in Strategic planning for Technology Based Environmental Organizations.
  • Barbara Hendricks: Marketing Management of Technology
  • AnneMarie N. Hooge: Toward the identification and definition of metadata value metrics.
  • Carlos Torres: The Product development (PD) Process: Going from Prototype to Production. A comparison of normalized PD process and local PD process with suggestions for change.
  • Fu-Sen (Jason) Tsai: Characteristics of OEM partnership success: A case study of Compaq Computer Corporation and Optoma Technology.
  • Jernell Williams: KemNet Technologies: A business overview.

Summer 2001

  • Aeonard Royal Borel: Analogies between normal system accidents and radical innovations within organizations.

Spring 2001

  • Dan Worcester: Development of a Dynamometer based research tool to evaluate fuel additive effects on Combustion chamber deposit (CDD) for Spark-Ignition passenger car engines.

Fall 2000

  • Jeffrey D. Baseley: Strategic Information Management Planning.

Spring 2000

  • Melissa Garcia: The development of a Quality Control program.
  • Mark Werner: Financial Risk Management for City Public service.
  • John Kosub: Digital Audio Broadcasting: Breaking the Sound Barriers.
  • Christ Pelton: Managing Technology interaction in the building AEC/FM industry.
  • Andrew Black: Semiconductors industry enters the specific phase.

Fall 1999

  • Kevin Cloonan: Migration to a new Electronic Mail System after a Corporate Acquisition
  • Ronald Castillo Rodriguez: Re-leveling the Foundation: Understanding Workflow Dynamics to Leverage Opportunities of Performance in Manufacturing Environment

Spring 1999

  • Ray Akridge: Strategy Made to Flex: A Strategic Architecture for a Technical Firm.
  • Richard Castrejana: Municipally Owned Utilities: The Decision to Compete.
  • Eric Lee Cox: Meeting the Education Challenge: Designing Effective Software to Increase Mathematics Competency.
  • David G. Crowley: An Analysis of the Organizational Structure of Air Force Logistics: A Study of Organizational Design and Contingency Theory.
  • Dan Gonzales: Enhancing the Deployment of Weapon Systems by Analyzing Organizational Design.
  • William C. Gunst: The Kyoto Protocol: An Analysis of the Costs and Technologies Available for a Municipal Utility.
  • Richard Laughlin: Development and Integration into an Enterprise Resource Planning Methodology of a New Product Development Procedure.
  • Dwayne A. Phillips: Analysis of Cable Telephony as a Threat to a Regional Carrier.
  • Melissa Joyce Pittard: San Antonio: A City of Skills for South Texas.
  • Terry J. Schamberg: Environmental Management Information Systems.
  • Michael S. York: Dynamics of Successful Information Technology Outsourcing Deals: Software Development in a Casualty and Property Insurance Business.

Fall 1998

  • Lori Grubish: Adding Value Through Innovation: A Case Study of Technological Advancements in Winemaking.
  • Richard Knight: Case Study: The Art of Technology Management in the Service Industry.
  • Bobby G. Moore: Mutual Adaptation: Applying A Systems Approach to the Effective Leveraging of Information Technology.
  • Janice D. Olvera: Features of a Technical Firm's Organization, Behavioral Norms, and Managerial Controls That Affect Internal Collaboration.
  • David Balli: A Study of Turnover Factors of Engineers in a State Department of Transportation.
  • Michael T. Sage: An Exploratory Study of Fluctuating Engineering Overhead Rates.

Spring 1998

  • Michael Fuentes, Energy Management Services in a Public Utility.
  • David W. Johnk, A Comparison of Technologies: Laser Cutting System verses Turret Punch Press in a Sheet Metal Fabrication Facility That Runs Primarily Small Lot Sizes (1-500 Pieces).
  • Stephen Schiavo, A Survey of Instructional Technology in Private Colleges.
  • Jon Wickstrom, Information Technology Supplier Relationships for Dummies.

Fall 1997

  • Rob Arthur Barry, Simple Computing for The Office: A Case for "Network Computers".
  • Robert H. Begian, Strategic Planning and Developing Countries.
  • David Grant Burleson, Product Improvement and Marketing Information for Medical Devices Derived from Clinical, Economic and Subjective Outcome Measure in Clinical Trials.
  • Ronnie Lee Carter, Technical Competency of Engineers
  • Christopher Lee Ellis, Spiral Development: KI-17 Case Study
  • Judith Ann Feltenberger, Fiber-Optic Link Around The Globe (FLAG) -The Leading Light of Telecommunications Competition.
  • David Edward Hofmann, Technology Assessment of Alternative Technologies for The Remediation of Trichloroethylene in Groundwater.
  • Alfonso Lopez-Ramirez, A Study of International Transfer of Technology: Survey On The Robotics Market.
  • Robert James Trevino, Technology, Organization, and The Future: Technology in Organizational Change.

Summer 1997

  • Michael E. Leininger, Issues With the Use of a Separate Strategic Technology Group or Outsourcing in an Information Dependent Organization.

Spring 1997

  • David Evans, Impact of Deregulation on Customer Retention in a Public Utility.
  • Jon A. Gwin, Course Development for Project Managers.
  • Mario A. Rodriguez, Course Development for Project Managers.

Fall 1996

  • Mireya Fernandez, Technology Transfer Low-Cost Environmental Technology.
  • David J. Tonsall, The Survivability of The Municipally Owned Electric Utility and It's Ability to Compete with Private Utilities in a Deregulated Marketplace.
  • Ruben Lopez, Biotechnology Manufacturers: Needs, Issues, Population, and Trends.
  • William J. Raissle, Telemedicine: A Technology Who's Time Has Not Yet Arrived.
  • Matthew S. Nelson, IT Futures at Baptist Memorial Healthcare System.
  • Russell Weniger, Organizational Structure Requirements to support CADD data management across multiple organizations.

Spring 1996

  • Mitchel H. Butikofer, Centralized Control - Decentralized Execution: An Information Technology Management Practice.
  • Diane M. Henkes, Retail Wheeling, the Electric Utility Industry, and City Public Service.
  • Paul A. Ondrej, Digital Versatile Disc Technology: Its Workplace Impact and Marketing Requirements.
  • Michael J. Tolk, Strategic Planning/Implementation of Privatization at a Military Installation: Outsourcing vs. Organic Resources.
  • Salli O'Donnell Tolk, Long Distance Learning: The Good, the Bad, and the Future.

Fall 1995

  • Orlando F. Alcantara, An Analysis of the VHS VCR Technological Evolution: A Neoteric Model of a Technology Evolutionary Cycle, a Market Sociopolitical Perspective, and its Impact on the Digital Video Disk Format.
  • James O. Jacot, Wireless Telephony Networks.

Summer 1995

  • Melissa Hite, Research Facilities and Companies involved in Gene and Cellular Therapy.
  • Jack Milone, Reengineering: Beyond the Buzzword.
  • Thomas M. Lew, Strategic Assessment of a Contract Research and Development Organization.

Spring 1994

  • Keith S. Dever, Organic Industrial Base Technology Assessment



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