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Sarah Roche Sarah Roche
Doctoral Student
Department of Marketing

B.A. St. Mary's University


Sarah Roche is a doctoral student in marketing at The University of Texas at San Antonio where she is investigating materialism, experiential purchases, social networking and deal proneness.

She earned her bachelor's degree in marketing from St. Mary's University, where she spent 3.5 years in the Greehey Scholars Program. Her current research explores how to not only more effectively market products and experiences, but also how consumers can make better purchase decisions for their long-term happiness.

  • Material
  • Experiential purchases
  • Social networking sites
  • Deal Proneness

Refereed Journal Articles
“Graduate College Selection and Its Impact on Branding: A German Perspective,” with Mathew Joseph and Dora E. Schmit, Journal of Academic Administration in Higher Education, accepted for publication.

"A Model of Sporting Event Tourism as Economic Development," with Deborah Spake and Mathew Joseph, Sport, Business, and Management: an International Journal, Vol. 3, No. 2, 2013, pp. 147-157.

Conference Presentations
The Aesthetics of Brand Name Design: Form, Fit, Fluency, and Phonetics,” with L.J. Shrum and Tina M. Lowrey, paper presented at the Society for Consumer Psychology’s Advertising and Consumer Psychology Conference on The Psychology of Design, Ann Arbor, MI, May 2014.

“Self-Brand Connection, Schadenfreude, and Sympathy: A Person-Centered Approach to Understanding Emotional Reactions to Product Failure,” with Jill M. Sundie, Dan Beal and Andrew W. Perkins, paper presented at the annual conference of the Society for Consumer Psychology, Miami, March 2014.

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