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The purpose of your marketing research requirement is two-fold: 1) To expose you to various techniques used in marketing research, and 2) To expose you to research topics and methods that are used by marketing professors at UTSA.
UTSA’s mission is to become a premier public research university. This means that along with teaching and service duties, professors are also involved in research. This is important to the field of marketing because it results in the creation of new knowledge, and this new knowledge is what forms the basis of future marketing education. Examples of this can be found simply by looking in your textbooks at the references (endnotes) that appear throughout. These references often pertain to original research done by university professors, including those here at UTSA. Students at UTSA also benefit directly from this research because your professors can pass along this new knowledge even before it makes it into tomorrow’s textbook.
Thus, the research component of your class requirements serves those two important functions: 1) Teaching you more about actual research techniques through active participation, and 2) Allowing you to pave the way for future marketing students by participating in the creation of new knowledge about marketing.

The research component of your class requirements represents 10% of your grade. The options for fulfilling this requirement are:
1. Participate in 4 research sessions conducted by a UTSA Marketing professor who is offering the studies for MKT 4093 and MKT 3013 students. These sessions will be available throughout the term, and you can sign up on-line. These sessions last no more than 1 hour. The deadline for participating in studies is Friday, December 6th, 2013.

[IMPORTANT: Please note that sometimes Marketing professors (and also other professors or students around campus) also offer studies as part of other classes (usually their own). These study requirements are separate and do not count toward your research requirement for MKT 4093 or MKT 3013. Only the studies that are posted on the Marketing Dept. research website are eligible toward your research requirement.]

2. Your first research credit is easy to earn. It is an online survey that consists of personality questions and demographics.
-- When you login to create an account in the UTSA Marketing Study Sign-Up System (see section III below for details), you will see the “Marketing Pre-test” study in your study list.
-- To complete this study, sign up to participate. As soon as you sign up, click the study link to complete all the questions in the online survey. When the survey is complete, you’ll get your first study credit. It’s as simple as that.
-- Note: You must go through the entire survey and type your name on the very last page in order to earn credit.
-- You are not required to do the “Marketing Pre-test” study, but it is recommended that you do so because some of the studies offered during the semester will only be available to students who have completed the pre-test. And the only way you can earn credit is by completing the pre-test study.
-- The Marketing Pre-test study will only be available during the first half of the semester. The last day to complete the Marketing Pre-test study will be Friday, October 25th, 2013.

3. In place of each research session, you can provide a 2-3 page written summary of a marketing research article written by a UTSA Marketing professor.
--Thus, you can participate in 4 research sessions and write no papers, participate in 3 sessions and write 1 paper, participate in 2 sessions and write 2 papers, participate in 1 session and write 3 papers, or participate in no sessions and write 4 papers.
--Instructions for writing the paper, as well as deadline and submission information, are in Section VI.

To sign up for research sessions, visit the following Marketing Department research web address and follow instructions:
Create an account by clicking on “New Participant? Create new account here” in the bottom left corner of the screen.

When creating your account:
1) CAREFULLY read the hints on the account creation page before providing your information.

2) Make sure your e-mail address is spelled correctly (e.g., be absolutely sure you actually know your full UTSA e-mail address).

3) You can use an e-mail address other than your UTSA account.

--HOWEVER, be aware that many of the most popular e-mail accounts (e.g., Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.) have very aggressive spam filters that very often flag communications from me and the sign-up system (SONA Systems), and thus you might not get them.
--If you are using an e-mail address other than your UTSA account, be sure to set your system specifications to allow your inbox to receive these messages.

4) Include a telephone number, if possible. This will be used only in the event we need to contact you regarding information you need to know immediately (for instance, that a study has been cancelled).

5) Once you provide information on this initial screen, your password will then be sent to the e-mail address you provided.

--This should occur very quickly (within a few minutes).
--If you have not received your password within 24 hours, it might be because you provided an incorrect e-mail address.
--If that is the case, contact Ashley Arsena (LabAdmin, who is in charge of administering the studies.

6) When you receive your password, it will be a random number. PLEASE log into the system with this password, but then IMMEDIATELY change it to something you can remember easily.

7) Once you are entered into the system, you will receive a randomly generated number called an “identity code.” This number is used to keep your name anonymous while participating in studies. You must provide that number in order to participate in any study this semester. Please write this number down and bring the number with you whenever you participate in studies.  

Please pay close attention to the following to avoid any problems:

1) If you have problems logging into the system from UTSA labs (in the form of an error message that says “Authentification Expired”), this is usually because you are using Internet Explorer as you Internet browser, and the UTSA labs have configured the system specifications regarding cookie activation. To solve this problem, we suggest using Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari as your browser instead.

2) Sign up for studies that fit your schedule as soon as they become available. Studies will be offered at various times throughout the semester. However, if you wait until near the end of the term (and your fellow students do the same thing), you might not have as many studies from which to choose. Thus, we highly encourage you to complete your studies as soon as you can.

3) Remember that the number of spaces in each study is limited, so studies fill up very quickly when they are offered. This means that you might not always be able to get into a specific study, but rest assured that you will have ample opportunity to sign up for your required number of studies.

4) SHOW UP FOR YOUR STUDY. Please come to the studies you sign up for, and please don’t sign up for studies you don’t plan to attend. The system will limit sign-ups for each student to 3 studies at a time, but be polite to your fellow students and only sign up for studies when you really plan to be there. Spaces are limited, so if you sign up and don’t come to the study you are wasting a space that someone else might have wanted. In other words, if you do not show up, you deprive your fellow students of the opportunity to participate in that study. In addition, you require the professors to run additional sessions in order to get the required level of participation.

If you sign up for a study but then realize you cannot make it, it is very easy to cancel. Just log in and in the middle of the screen is a link for viewing or cancelling your current enrollment in a study. Try to cancel right away when you realize that you can’t attend a session. Of course, we realize that even under the best of circumstances, you might not be able to make a study without cancelling it. Thus, we give you two free “no-shows” for appointments you scheduled but did not attend or cancel. After that, however, you will be barred from participation in future studies and thus will probably have to write the research papers to fulfill your research requirement.

5) GO TO THE RIGHT PLACE FOR YOUR STUDY. There are two marketing laboratories in the Business Building, one on the 3rd floor and one on the 4th floor. Be sure you are going to the right lab for your study!

The 3rd floor Marketing lab is in BB 3.02.14, and directions are as follows: (1) Go up the main stairway in the business building from the 2nd to the 3rd floor; (2) Continue down the main corridor on the 3rd floor. Pass the single elevator and turn left at the next hallway (there are drinking fountains here); (3) Continue down this hallway, turning left at the end; and (4) Enter BB 3.02.14 (the Advanced Computer Projects lab), and the Marketing lab is the first door on the right inside that room.

The 4th floor Marketing lab is in BB.4.03.26, and directions are as follows: (1) Go the Business Building; (2) Take the elevator to the 4th floor and step out into the main hallway; (3) At one end of the main hallway, you'll find the Dean's office; (4) With the Dean's office on your left (and the restrooms at your back), walk straight ahead; (5) After you walk a few steps into the long corridor, take a right turn; and (6) Walk about halfway down the hall, and you'll find BB.4.03.26 on your right.

6) BE ON TIME. Once the study is started, it cannot be interrupted without disturbing the session. Thus, once the door is closed and the study has begun, you will not be allowed to participate even if you are just a few minutes late. It is important that you know this, and thus can plan accordingly. It is also important that you understand that this is not a punishment by your professors and their research assistants (we want you to participate in the study!), but just a requirement of good research designs. It is also important to note that abuse (e.g., cursing, yelling, pounding on the door, throwing books, any aggressive physical contact, etc.) of the research assistants who enforce this rule will not be tolerated. Students who engage in any of these abusive behaviors will be banned from participating in experiments for the remainder of the semester and will have to complete their research requirement by writing research papers.

We will communicate with you via e-mail throughout the semester. This will entail:

a) Announcements of new studies as they are posted (so you don’t have to continually log on and monitor the website for study availability)
b) Notification of registration when you sign up for a study
c) Reminders (the day prior to the scheduled time) that your study is coming up
d) Notification of credit for a study. This should occur within 24 hours; if not, contact Ashley Arsena (

You can also check the status of your credit at any time when you log on.
If you have problems or questions about the research studies, you should contact Ashley Arsena (, NOT your MKT professor.

As stated in your syllabus, you may fulfill the marketing research requirement by writing a paper or participating in a research study. To receive full credit, you need to complete some combination of 4 studies or papers. Thus, you can complete 4 research sessions and no papers, 3 research sessions and 1 paper, 2 research sessions and 2 papers, 1 research session and 3 papers, or no research sessions and 4 papers.

Guidelines for your papers are as follows:
1) The papers represent articles or book chapters published by Marketing professors at UTSA. PDF files of these papers can be found on the Marketing Department Website (

2) The papers should consist of at least 2-3 pages of content, double-spaced, with 1” margins and a 12-point font or equivalent. Papers not meeting these requirements may be rejected and not granted credit or sent back with requested changes.

3) Your paper should consist of the following sections:
a. Introduction: Thorough summary of the topic of the article, its objectives, and its findings
b. Your critique of and opinion on the article and a discussion of its implications

Turning in your papers:
a) First, if you have not done so, go to the Marketing Department’s SONA Systems website and create an account ( Click on the “request account here” link in the bottom left-hand corner. You must do this in order to have your credit recorded.
b) Send your paper electronically to Ashley Arsena ( in the form of a Word file. You should receive a credit acknowledgement within 48 hours. If you do not, contact Ashley Arsena.


Friday, December 6th, 2013 at 5 p.m.

Papers turned in after the deadline will not receive credit. Thus, if you are plan on turning in a paper, it is best to turn it in with plenty of time to spare to avoid unforeseen problems.

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