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  1. Round Off the Bargaining: The Effects of Offer Roundness on Willingness to Accept” (Dengfeng Yan and Jorge Pena-Marin)
  2. To Profit or Not to Profit? The Role of Greed Perceptions in Consumer Support for Social Ventures” (Saerom Lee, et al.)
  3. Lasting Performance: Round Numbers Activate Associations of Stability and Increase Perceived Length of Product Benefits” (Jorge Pena-Marin and Rajesh Bhargave)
  4. All that Glitters Is Not Gold: How Others' Status Influences the Effect of Power Distance Belief on Status Consumption” (Huachao Gao, Yinlong Zhang, et al.)
  5. "Why Quality May Not Always Win: The Impact of Product Life-Cycles on Quality and Network Effects in High-Tech Markets" (Suman Basuroy, et al.)




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