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Buyers Versus Sellers: How They Differ in Their Responses to Framed Outcomes (Ashwani Monga, et al.)

Fading Optimism in Products: Temporal Changes in Expectations About Performance (Ashwani Monga, et al.)

Domain-Based Asymmetry in Expectations of the Future (Ashwani Monga, et al.)

A Reexamination of Frequency-Depth Effects in Consumer Price Judgments (Ashok Latwani, et al.)

What Is the Relation Between Cultural Orientation and Socially Desirable Responding? (Ashok Latwani, et al.)

Sounds Convey Meaning: The Implications of Phonetic Symbolism for Brand Name Construction (L.J. Shrum, Tina M. Lowrey)

The Relation Between Brand-Name Linguistic Characteristics and Brand-Name Memory (Tina M. Lowrey, L.J. Shrum, et al.)

The Relation Between Script Complexity and Commercial Memorability (Tina M. Lowrey)

Social Influences on Dyadic Giving over Time: A Taxonomy from the Giver's Perspective (Tina M. Lowrey, et al.)

The Future of Television Advertising (Tina M. Lowrey, L.J. Shrum, et al.)

The Role of Television in the Construction of Consumer Reality (L.J. Shrum, et al.)

Television’s Cultivation of Material Values (L.J. Shrum, et al.)

Factors Predicting the Effectiveness of Celebrity Endorsement Advertisements (David H. Silvera, et al.)

Debiasing Omission Neglect (David H. Silvera, et al.)

Contextual Influences on Omission Neglect in the Fault Tree Paradigm (David H. Silvera, et al.)

Decision Difficulty: Effects of Procedural and Outcome Accountability (Yinlong (Allen) Zhang, et al.)

The Impact of Self-Construal on Aesthetic Preference for Angular Versus Rounded Shapes (Yinlong (Allen) Zhang, et al.)

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