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The Ph.D. program in marketing at the UTSA College of Business is designed to develop outstanding scholars for careers in research and teaching at leading universities. This is achieved by a strong emphasis on the development of conceptual and methodological skills.

Throughout the program, students will be exposed to a variety of topics within the field of marketing research, including marketing strategy and consumer behavior.

The doctoral program is designed to prepare students to undertake in-depth study and research in a specialized area of interest. We seek students of high intellectual ability whose scholarly objectives fit well with the current research topics and activities of area faculty. Because of its small size, the program affords a great deal of flexibility for students to develop a course of study that matches their individual interests.

The doctoral program in marketing at UTSA has a commitment to developing good faculty/student relationships by having a strong mentoring system and encouraging collaborative research projects between faculty and doctoral students. At the time of admission, the Ph.D. program identifies a faculty member who serves as an advisor for a program of study. The advisor and the Program Committee help the student select coursework and research activities that are directed toward the student's chosen area of research interest. Students may later change advisors as their dissertation research interests evolve. From the very beginning of and throughout the program, students are encouraged to exchange research ideas with faculty and to pursue research in areas of mutual interest. This environment provides a unique opportunity for students to develop significant research experience prior to their dissertation work.

Doctoral program coursework requirements include foundation courses in business (this requirement may be met by a master's Degree in business or business-related discipline); courses in statistics and research methodology; major area coursework; and free electives. Students typically complete coursework within two years and spend the remainder of the program working on a dissertation and other research projects.

Advancement to Candidacy
Advancement to candidacy requires a student to complete university and program requirements and to pass comprehensive examinations following completion of course requirements. The examinations are administered by the Doctoral Studies Committee. No more than two attempts to pass comprehensive examinations are allowed. Results of the examinations must be reported to the Doctoral Studies Committee, the Dean, and the Dean of the UTSA Graduate School. Admission into the doctoral program does not guarantee advancement to candidacy.


Candidates must demonstrate their ability to conduct independent research by completing and defending an original dissertation. The student, in consultation with his or her supervising professor, determines the research topic. The dissertation committee selected by the student and supervising professor and approved by the Dean and the Dean of the UTSA Graduate School guides and critiques the candidate's research. The candidate initially completes a research proposal that is presented and must be approved by his or her committee. The student then conducts his/her research, writes the dissertation and formally presents the research to his/her Dissertation Committee for their approval.

Doctoral Student Accolades
Marketing doctoral students have published their research in prestigious marketing journals including the Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Consumer Psychology, Journal of Retailing, Marketing Letters, and Journal of Business Research.

Our doctoral students have also received numerous accolades including the Product Development and Management Association’s Dissertation Proposal Competition Award, UTSA Outstanding Graduate Student teaching awards, and runner-up for the AMA DocSig Mathew Joseph Emerging Scholar Award.

Doctoral students from our program have received job offers at many prestigious institutions including the University of Arkansas, University of Cincinnati, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, University of Victoria at Canada, Baylor University, Texas Wesleyan University, Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand, University of Houston at Clear Lake, Southern Illinois University, Central Connecticut State University and others.


For more information, visit the College of Business doctoral programs website.

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