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David E. De Jesus, Tim Gimple, Caleb Essel, Daniel Sparkman, Michael Tasto, Wes Allen.

At Konnect Engineering we will maintain the highest level of integrity from our parts to our people. It is imperative that every client, and potential clients, are treated with utmost respect from start to finish and afterwards. We will guarantee every service provided and every product produced in order to ensure a worldwide reputation for the highest quality. The oil and gas industry is a multi-billion dollar worldwide industry. Every refinery spends millions of dollars per year on pipeline maintenance in order to maintain the minimum regulations. All of these companies already have methods in place, whether it is purchasing the equipment or purchasing the services.

Our competition has products and methods already in place with new products being tested and produced. All refineries are always looking for new products that will speed up and improve the cleaning methods. At Konnect Engineering our competitive advantage is the ability to produce a significantly lower cost, ($400,000 versus $500,000 to $1.5 million), high quality product that is custom made per the clients specifications. We will implement this strategy by ensuring that our sales staff has expressed the needs of the client to our engineering staff and the client is completely satisfied. Konnect Engineering is expecting to have all debts paid within the first eight months and finish the fiscal year with over $1.3 million in profits.

Adel Aldihani, Adam Martinez, Jason De La Cruz, Willdavis Epeagba, Christian Porter, Kevin Freeman.

The WRAD system is a wireless electronic coaster for restaurants. The team really felt that this idea had great potential and would meet a real need. Most of the team members had worked in retail and understood the importance of customer service. Also all the team members had experienced the frustration with waiting for waiter service in a restaurant on more than one occasion. The coaster accurately detects the fluid level of the drink placed on it and automatically compares it to the low level indicator. If this level is reached then the coaster automatically sends a message to the pager. The pager then displays a coaster number and a buzzer sounds to alert the waiter or waitress who is carrying the wireless pager that the coaster numbered in the display is in need of a refill. The customer also has the ability to send a general page to the waiter if they need additional assistance and they also have the ability to turn off the coaster if they do not wish to use it any longer.

SwimOmetroAquafit Company (2nd Place Winner)
Brad Carney, Kate Cornett, Luis Garcia, Jorge Alonso, Hugo Alvarado, Adrian Saenz.

Today, America is in the midst of a health-related crisis. Obesity is at a record level, and our population is getting older. As a result, people are exercising more to combat these problems. However, the exercises people are participating in are high-impact exercises, such as jogging and tennis, which cause severe joint damage. The solution to this is low-impact exercise swimming coupled with our product, the SwimOmetro. SwimOmetro is a unique device that you wear on your wrist that measures calories, laps and distance per stroke. This product will help our customers lead a healthier lifestyle. We plan to patent this technology behind the SwimOmetro, and license it to manufacturers such as Timex and Polar.

BiotexBiotex (3rd Place Winner)
Ross Hosket, Eric Vazquez, Jorge Gonzalez, Dominic Garcia, Ben Hammond.

Biotex Diesel, headquartered in San Antonio, Texas is a start-up company founded for the purpose of producing an alternative fuel processor that enables users to produce their own biodiesel fuel that complies with all ASTM standards and qualifications. We will also produce and distribute our own biodiesel fuel once licensing is obtained. With current diesel prices at $4.50 a gallon in most areas of Texas, up 38% from last years average, a new, clean, and efficient fuel source is needed to replace (or subsidize as an additive), the world's current petroleum diesel. At the remarkably low price of $2.90 a gallon Biotex biodiesel is the answer. Our alternative fuel source is one that is aiding in the development of a balanced energy policy by reducing our dependency on foreign oil, and moving us toward a green economy by reducing CO2 emissions. Biodiesel is the next step in protecting our environmental and economic future.

By taking advantage of this great opportunity, diesel consumers will be able fuel their vehicles, save money, reduce our dependency on foreign oil and lend a helping hand to an environment in peril. The biodiesel industry is an emerging industry that is relatively unsaturated, especially in the Southern United States. With only one competitor who manufactures biodiesel processors in central Texas, and two producers of biodiesel fuel in San Antonio, we feel this is an excellent opportunity for Biotex Diesel to emerge as a pioneer in the development and use of an alternative fuel source in Texas.

IHU Engineering SolutionsIHU Engineering Solutions
Robert Deaver, Jennifer Wright, Liza Vazquez, Cody Ezi

The High Altitude Model Rocket Telemetry System (HAMR TS) is a device that utilizes micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) and conventional sensors to obtain physical data during the flight of a model rocket. The data is stored locally on the device and also transmitted to a ground station in real time via a radio frequency (RF) link providing simultaneous visualization of rocket performance. Initially, the system has been designed for high-altitude, high-velocity flights up to 75,000 feet and reaching speeds of mach 3. During the recovery phase of the flight, GPS is utilized to record an exact position to ease retrieval. For adoption into the educational market, the HAMR TS will enter into the second phase of development where the system will be slightly modified from the original version to compensate for a reduction in package size, altitude, and velocity requirements allowing use on smaller model rockets. GPS will be optional in this version of the system. The HAMR TS developed for the classroom will include supporting educational material developed to further educate aeroscience students in the integration and functionality of the telemetry system into their model rockets.

The PalmaLivelynx Enterprises (First Place Winner)
Jon Davis, Chelsey Blake, Phillip Hamby, Marcos Bird, John Collins, Mark Finch.

This business plan has been developed to present LiveLynx Enterprises to prospective investors and to assist in raising the necessary working capital needed to enter the market and begin production for the Palma. The Palma is a wearable glove-based cursor control device. This product will eliminate the need for the typical computer "mouse" and will revolutionize the way the user interfaces with their computer. The on-screen cursor will now be controlled by the user's own natural free-hand movements, providing a new and unique way to "Touch the Digital Future."



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