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Digital forensics
The purpose of this research is to advance digital forensic text string searching at the physical level of mass storage devices. The goal is to decrease IR overhead by reducing investigator time spent reviewing non relevant search hits, while ensuring all instances of search strings are retrieved (100% recall rates). This research will extend, adapt and develop new information retrieval algorithms to produce more analytically advanced digital forensic string search capabilities.

Information security management and strategy
The goals of this research initiative are to better understand organizational investment decision making regarding information security; theorize and empirically validate better decision making models; and develop and test new information security strategies. The program has undertaken several empirical studies that consider the role of risk in investment decisions, as well as studying information security investments as a multi-attribute decision process.

Applied network and information systems security
The applied network and information systems security research program seeks to alter the traditional reactive mode of security professionals by collecting, analyzing and classifying the pervasive security threat. The goal of the applied research program is to examine security issues from a variety of perspectives including production of secure software, development and enforcement of effective system security policies, managing the trade-offs between operational goals and security requirements, analysis of malicious code and rapid network and system recovery and restoration.

Economics of information security
The goals of the economics of information security research are to strengthen the understanding of the economic causes and consequences of various information security- related activities, and to provide theoretical and empirical support for the design of more efficient and effective security policies. This research initiative focuses on economic incentives for preventing and responding to cyber attacks and information breaches; the dynamics of the persistent battle against cyber crime; the design and implementation of information security-related policies within the organization, industry, and society; and the effectiveness of various security-related strategies on reducing the vulnerability of the information systems and infrastructure.

Psychology and information security
As technical measures in information assurance and security improve, then the human user increasingly becomes the "weakest link." The goal of the psychology and information security research is to improve our understanding as to why it is that human users of computing systems systematically make decisions and take actions that lead to system vulnerability and compromise. The research seeks a deeper understanding of the cognitive, social and other psychological factors that underlie human risk assessment and behavior as they relate to the safe and secure use of modern computing systems.


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