EntrepreneurshipA Transformational Path

Throughout my tenure as Dean of the College of Business, significant transformations have taken place within the college based on our strategic vision and planning: moving from a regional business school to one that is nationally ranked and internationally recognized; creating new undergraduate and graduate programs; designing new centers for research and for student development; and hiring internationally acclaimed faculty.

The most important transformation that we have engineered is the transformation of our business students into business professionals.

While I worked at the Treasury, I had the opportunity to hire an intern from UTSA.  One day I overheard in the lunchroom the interns discussing their alma maters.  Many of the students were from Ivy League universities, but when it was time for the UTSA student to speak, he simply mentioned he came from the University of Texas system.

That day I thought, if I ever had the opportunity to return to UTSA, I would focus on raising the profile of the college so that students could proudly introduce themselves as UTSA Roadrunners and graduates of a nationally ranked College of Business.

As John D. Rockefeller once said, “Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.” Recognizing that our academic programs were strong across the disciplines, I challenged our faculty and staff to build upon our academic foundation by developing new and innovative academic programs and by enhancing and expanding our student development services and programs. Therefore, the student transformational path would be based on excellence in academic advising and excellence in academic programs coupled with a set of value added programs that would provide career services, international experiences and “real world” professional internship experiences.

The key components of this plan included infusing into the students’ educational plan required business ethics studies and symposia; international experiences; and internships and professional development activities. These components would be the hallmark of the unique “UTSA/COB student experience.”  In this way college graduates would be differentiated by being market ready, globally competitive and ethically sound.

Given this vision, we designed the infrastructure for student professional development. First, the blueprint for the Center for Student Professional Development and the expansion of the Business Scholars Program was created. The college opened the Center for Student Professional Development located on the main thoroughfare in the college in 2007. The center includes professional staff focused on undergraduate academics and professional development services and programs. The college also established the Office of International Engagement to develop and administer a comprehensive international experience that would focus on the unique profile of our students. Concomitantly, college faculty enhanced the undergraduate ethics curriculum and created graduate studies in business ethics.

Read more about the transformational experiences that we’ve created for our students within this report as well as learn about the international opportunities that we’ve established for our students. The results that we’ve seen from this transformational path have been outstanding. As our model predicted, students leave with excellent academic preparation; an ethical focus in business; international acumen and significant professional development experience that ranges from acquiring business etiquette skills to internship experiences throughout the world.

We are transforming business students into business professionals at UTSA.  I encourage you to mentor our students; hire our students as interns and recruit our students in your professional ranks. I know that you will be as impressed by our Roadrunners as I am.

COB Annual Report 2009

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