Orta Awarded Regents Outstanding Teaching Award

Ermine OrtaErmine Orta ’01, MS ’04, lecturer in the Department of Management Science and Statistics, was named a recipient of the 2011 UT System Regents’ Outstanding Teaching Award. Only 72 faculty were chosen for this award system-wide.

“My goal is to help students realize their potential and develop strong critical thinking and quantitative reasoning skills,” said Orta, coordinator of the university’s Quality Enhancement Plan. Teaching undergraduate statistics courses, Orta is a student favorite and her classes fill up quickly. She introduces basic statistical concepts while engaging students with hands-on activities. Her students note that she is dedicated and works after hours to help answer questions.

In recognition of her outstanding work in the classroom, Orta also received the President’s Distinguished Achievement Award for Core Curriculum Teaching and the College of Business Teaching Excellence Award for non-tenure-track faculty in 2010.

Awardees are selected following a rigorous review process. Candidates must demonstrate a clear commitment to teaching and a sustained ability to deliver excellence to the undergraduate learning experience. Evaluations by students, peer faculty and external reviewers consider a range of activities and criteria including classroom expertise, curricula quality, innovative course development and student learning outcomes.

A member of the faculty since 2006, she received her bachelor of science in mathematics and a master of science in statistics from UTSA.


Two Business Faculty Members Receive Outstanding Educator Awards

Lynda de la ViñaTwo UTSA College of Business faculty members were recently named recipients of the 2011 Federation of Business Disciplines Outstanding Educator Award.

Dr. Lynda de la Viña, dean of the College of Business and Peter Flawn Professor of Economics, received the award from the Southwestern Society of Economists. With more than 24 years of teaching, research and service at UTSA, de la Viña served as president of the Southwestern Society of Economists in 1989 and served as vice president in 1988. Her research and teaching interests have been in the fields of economic policy and finance, entrepreneurship and mathematical economics.

Dr. Lalatendu Misra, chair and professor of finance, received the award from the Southwestern Finance Association. Misra has taught at UTSA since 1982 in the areas of financial modeling, options and futures, corporate finance and portfolio management. He also serves as the adviser to the student chapter of the Financial Management Association. He has previously served as a board member, secretary, treasurer and president of the Southwestern Finance Association.

At the same conference, UTSA doctoral business alumnus Dr. Sinan Yildirim Ph.D. ’07, assistant professor of finance at Texas Wesleyan University, received the best paper award from the Decision Sciences Institute Southwest Region for his paper on “Mergers of Closed-End Funds: An Analysis of Discount and Expense Ratio Reduction.”

The Federation of Business Disciplines is an academic association with national and international constituencies that focuses on promoting and improving research and educational activities of schools and colleges of businesses.


Faculty Receive Howe Outstanding Service to Undergraduates Teaching Award

Business faculty members Dr. Cory Hallam and Dr. Lisa Montoya were named recipients of the Richard S. Howe Outstanding Service to Undergraduates Teaching Award.

The award, which honors former engineering faculty member Dr. Richard Howe, recognizes faculty that develop signature learning experiences for undergraduates outside the traditional classroom environment. Funding is provided by community leader and philanthropist Edith McAllister.

Hallam serves as director of the UTSA Center for Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship and is a faculty member in the Department of Information Systems and Technology Management. He was honored with the Howe award for creating an outlet for technology entrepreneurship through the $100,000 New Student Technology Venture Competition. The competition, which pairs UTSA seniors in engineering and business, offers the nation’s largest new venture start-up package for undergraduates.

Montoya is associate dean for undergraduate studies and a faculty member in the Department of Economics. Through the Latino Financial Issue program, Montoya incorporates financial literacy and service learning into her classroom syllabus. Her students mentor middle school students at E.T. Wrenn Middle School in the Edgewood School District and help them understand the crucial role education plays in elevating low-income families.


Clark Named Chair of the Department of Information Systems and Technology Management

Jan ClarkDr. Jan Clark, professor of information systems, has been named chair of the Department of Information Systems and Technology Management. At UTSA since 2000, she teaches at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral level. Most recently, she has been instrumental in leading the college’s Ph.D. program in information technology.

“My goals as chair include expanding the department’s cybersecurity programming, increasing externally funded research, increasing the number of student majors and evaluating the curriculum and course content in all department programs,” said Clark.

Her appointment is a three-year term. Clark holds a doctorate and MBA in information systems from the University of North Texas.


Two College Journals Recognized for Impact in Discipline
Two academic journals edited by College of Business faculty members have been recognized for their impact on their respective disciplines by Thomson Reuter’s Journal Citation Report.

These journals are the International Review of Economics and Finance and the Journal of Managerial Psychology. IREF is edited by Dr. Hamid Beladi, the IBC Bank Senior Faculty Fellow in Economics. The journal, published by Elsevier, is devoted to the publication of high-quality theoretical and empirical articles in all areas of international economics, macroeconomics and financial economics.

“In general the impact factors measure the contributions that the journal makes to a profession based on citations published by scholars, reputation and visibility of the journal,” said Beladi. “In particular it shows the number of times that a paper published in a journal is cited.”

The Journal of Managerial Psychology is edited by Dr. Dianna Stone, professor of management. Produced by Emerald Publishing, the journal focuses on a variety of international and domestic issues in industrial and organizational psychology, organizational behavior, human resource management and applied social psychology.

The College of Business is home to six academic journals edited by business faculty members. Additional journals include Frontiers of Economics and Globalization and the North American Journal of Economics and Finance, both edited by Beladi; the Journal of School Choice, edited by Dr. John Merrifield, professor of economics; and the Journal of Technical Analysis, edited by Dr. Julie Dahlquist, lecturer in finance.


How Financially Prepared Are Hispanic Entrepreneurs?

How financially prepared are Hispanic entrepreneurs? According to a study by UTSA faculty members, Hispanic business owners in San Antonio had considerable knowledge of financial planning.

“The survey findings indicate that there are differences between knowledge of, interest in and use of financial planning,” said Dr. Dianna Stone, professor of management. “Only 46 percent of Hispanic business owners use financial services. However, the data shows that one factor that may impact the use of these services is revenues. The greater the revenue, the more likely the business owner is to use financial services.”

UTSA study participants included Stone, Dr. Lisa Montoya, associate dean of undergraduate studies, and graduate students Joy Row, Teresa Svacina, Julio Canedo-Soto and Dianne Krueger.

Key findings of the study:

  • 85 percent recognize that financial planning is one of their top priorities, but only 38 percent have a documented financial strategy in place for their business.
  • 65 percent indicated they were somewhat to extremely knowledgeable about financial planning, but 47 percent agree that they worry about being able to meet long-term financial goals.
  • 57 percent wish they were more in control of their finances and 46 percent feel that they do not have time to manage all their investments.
  • More than 50 percent plan to pass their business onto a family member, but only 18 percent have a succession plan in place.

The study, conducted in conjunction with the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, was sponsored by South Texas’ Sapient Financial Group, a general agency of Mass Mutual Financial Group.


Dahlquist Appointed Editor of the Journal of Technical Analysis

Dr. Julie DahlquistDr. Julie Dahlquist, senior lecturer in finance, has been named the editor of the Journal of Technical Analysis.

Technical analysis is a method used to make investment decisions based on the study of past market data, primarily price and volume data. Rooted in economic theory, technical analysts study the actions of the market in order to forecast the direction that the market will continue.

“I look forward to working with the Market Technicians Association staff and membership as we publish the premier journal in the field, presenting research relevant to the theory, practice and application of technical analysis,” said Dahlquist, who is a certified Chartered Market Technician.

Recently she was named the recipient of the Charles H. Dow Award from the Market Technicians Association. The award, which is the most significant recognition in the field of technical analysis, is presented annually for excellence and creativity in technical analysis.

Her paper, “Analyzing Gaps for Profitable Trading Strategies,” was co-authored with a colleague from St. Mary’s University. The paper presents a detailed template for analyzing gaps, filtered for various market conditions, to identify actionable trading opportunities while focusing on relative market performance.

A frequent presenter at national and international conferences, Dahlquist has co-authored two books: Technical Analysis: The Complete Resource for Financial Market Technicians and Technical Market Indicators: Analysis and Performance.


Are Men Like Peacocks?

In the mating game, men and peacocks have much in common, according to a research study on conspicuous consumption published by Dr. Jill Sundie, assistant professor of marketing, and colleagues at the University of Minnesota, University of New Mexico and Arizona State. The popular study appeared in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Psychology Today, USA Today and internationally.

“The research suggests that a man’s extravagant purchases, such as an expensive sports car, can serve the same function that large and brilliant feathers serve for peacocks,” said Sundie.

Conspicuous consumption is attaining and exhibiting costly items to impress upon others that one possesses wealth or status. Inefficient, costly expenditures may be similar to a peacock’s inefficient, costly and ostentatious tail.

The study found that men pursuing short-term relationships show off flashy products to draw the attention of women. Romantic motivation had a different effect on men than on women though. Women’s spending was unaffected by mating motivation.

And, while women found a man who drove a Porsche more attractive as a date, they did not find him more desirable as a marriage partner for a committed relationship.


Management Faculty Member Publishes Textbook on Performance Management

Dr. Robert Cardy, professor of management and chair of the Department of Management, has recently released a new edition of his textbook Performance Management: Concepts, Skills and Exercises.

Designed as a text for courses on performance appraisal or performance management, the book looks at various approaches for defining and measuring performance, diagnosing performance problems, giving feedback and improving performance. It balances concepts with practical skill-based exercises. All of the exercises offer realistic illustrations of issues that a manager will likely encounter.

“Performance management has to do with effectively managing the performance of people in your organization,” said Cardy. “Put simply, work mainly gets done through people. Even in technologically advanced organizational environments, how well jobs are performed and whether customers leave satisfied depends on the people.”

Cardy’s research has focused on human resource management, particularly in the areas of performance appraisal and the effective management of people. He has consulted with a variety of organizations, particularly in the areas of performance appraisal and competency model development and implementation.


New Faculty Join College
Five new faculty members joined the College of Business last fall. Dr. Frederick Chang was appointed the inaugural AT&T Distinguished Chair in Infrastructure Assurance and Security. Chang serves as professor of information systems and technology management and director of the college’s Center for Education and Research in Information and Infrastructure Security.

Dr. Cathy Cole has been hired in the Department of Accounting as assistant professor of accounting. Cole has a doctorate from George Washington University. She previously served as the associate chief accountant at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in Washington, D.C., and taught at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

The Department of Management had two new faculty appointments: Dr. Mike McDonald, associate professor, and Dr. Dana Wang, assistant professor. McDonald has a doctorate from UT Austin. He previously taught at the University of Central Florida. His research interests are in executive leadership. Wang received her doctorate from Stanford University and her MBA from the University of Michigan. She will teach in the college’s entrepreneurship program.

Dr. Jill Sundie has been named assistant professor of marketing. She has a doctorate and master’s in psychology from Arizona State University and a master’s in economics from the University of Southern California. Her research interest is in consumer behavior.


COB Faculty Awards

Eleven College of Business faculty members were honored for excellence in the areas of teaching, research and service at the College of Business Awards Reception this spring.

Dr. Keying Ye, professor of management science and statistics
E. Lou Curry Teaching Excellence Award

Dr. Pepe Chang, assistant professor of management
Dean’s Teaching Excellence Award for Tenure-Track Faculty

Dr. Julie Dahlquist, senior lecturer in finance
Dean’s Teaching Excellence Award for Non-Tenure-Track Faculty

Dr. Hamid Beladi, professor and IBC Bank Senior Faculty Fellow in economics
Col. Jean Piccione and Lt. Col. Philip Piccione Endowed Research Award

Dr. Long Liu, assistant professor of economics
Dean’s Research Excellence Award for Tenure-Track Faculty

Dr. Nandini Kannan, professor of management science and statistics
Patrick J. Clynes Service Award

Dr. Lisa Montoya, associate dean for undergraduate studies and lecturer in economics
Dean’s Excellence Award for University Service for Non-Tenure-Track Faculty

Dr. Thomas Thomson, Quincy Lee Professor in Real Estate Finance and Development
Dean’s Excellence Award for Community Service

Ron Sweet, lecturer II in finance
Dean’s Excellence Award for Community Service for Non-Tenure-Track Faculty

Dr. Yiuman Tse, professor of finance
Dean’s Excellence Award for Advancing Globalization

Dr. Jeff Boone, professor and Albert Steg Scholar in accounting
Endowed 1969 Commemorative Faculty Award for Overall Faculty Excellence


Faculty Chairs and Fellows
Dr. Frederick Chang
AT&T Distinguished Chair in Infrastructure Assurance and Security

Dr. Dana Forgione
Janey S. Briscoe Endowed Chair in the Business of Health

Dr. Don Lien
Richard S. Liu Distinguished Chair in Business

Dr. David Bojanic
Anheuser-Busch Foundation Professor in Tourism Management

Dr. Lynda de la Viña
Peter Flawn Professor of Economics

Dr. Thomas Thomson
Quincy Lee Professor in Real Estate Finance and Development

Dr. Hamid Beladi
IBC Bank Senior Faculty Fellow in Economics

Dr. Jeff Boone
Albert Steg Scholar in Accounting

Dr. Emeka Nwaeze
Dayton Schrader Scholar in Accounting

Dr. Marshall Pitman
Professor of Accounting

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