$200,000 and above
Kudla Foundation

$100,000 and above
Jean and Steven Q. Lee

$50,000 and above
Pat and Tom Frost Foundation
Management Agency
SWBC Foundation

$25,000 and above
Citi Payment Services
Ernst & Young Foundation
JPMorgan Chase & Co.
San Antonio Federal Credit Union
Southwest Business Corporation
The USAA Foundation

$10,000 and above
Aimee C. and Ernest W. Bromley, BA '78, MBA '80
CREW-San Antonio
Barbara M. and Alan W. Dreeben
International Bank of Commerce
Calvin Newkirk
Padgett, Stratemann & Company, L.L.P.
Rebecca J., BA '00 and Martin Salinas, BBA '94
Security Service Federal Credit Union
Texas Research & Technology Foundation
The Bank of San Antonio
The Boeing Company
The Estate of Leonard E. and Shirley Sterling
The Real Estate Council of San Antonio
Valero Energy Corporation
Volney E. Dibrell Charitable Trust
Wells Fargo Foundation

$5,000 and above
Edward Barron III, BBA '79
J. Cary Barton
Bromley Communications
C. H. Guenther & Son, Inc.
Cox Smith Matthews, Incorporated
Deacon Recruiting, Inc.
ECCA Management Services, LTD
Embrey Partners, LTD
Ernst & Young, LLP
Farm Credit Bank of Texas
Jackson Walker, L.L.P.
Koontz McCombs
South Texas Money Management LTD
SpawGlass Contractors, Inc.
Tenley K., BBA '91 and Brian Stevens
Texas Capital Bank
Suzanne and Richard L. Wade

$2,500 and above
Akin, Doherty, Klein & Feuge, P.C.
Amegy Bank of Texas
Bailey Commercial, LLC
Denise E., BBA '87 and Pat Bendele
Tina and Anand D. Bhakta, BBA '96
Bury + Partners, Inc.
Clear Channel World Wide
Ecumenical Center for Religion and Health
Abigail Erwin, EMBA '99 and Kenneth F. Weiher
First American Commercial Property Group
Galaxy Builders, LTD
Silvia Gangel, SiGa International Commercial Real Estate
Annette M., BBA '88 and Stewart G. Goodson, BBA '84
Hixon Properties Incorporated
HomeSpring Realty Partners
Insurance Council of Texas Education Foundation
Joeris General Contractors, Ltd.
Jerome P. Keating
KPMG Foundation
Leco Management
Legacy Mutual Mortgage
Mary Bowman Grantor Charitable Lead Trust
Metropolitan Contracting Company, LLC
Milam Real Estate Investors, LP
Traci and William E. Morrow, BBA '86
MUY Brands, LLC
R.L. Worth & Associates, LTD
Megan and Eduardo R. Salas, BBA '86
Carol J. Severyn, BBA '92
Southwest Research Institute
Elsie G. Steg
Tesoro Corporation
The Dooley Family Foundation
USAA Real Estate Company
Carol and Jay R. Vogel, BBA '79

$1,500 and above
Alamo Asian American Chamber of Commerce
Emma L. Ansley
Jyl G. and T. Randall Cain
Peter Cangany
Carneiro, Chumney & Company, L.C.
Stephanie A. Davis, BBA '94, MT '98
Deloitte Consulting LLP
Deloitte Services, LP
Energy Transfer Partners
Joann and Warner F. Fassnidge
Lisa A. Friel
Linda S. Gurene
Joanne and Juan A. Gutierrez, BBA '96
Manuela L. Gutierrez, BBA '80
Teresa S. and Joseph B. James III, BBA '94
Rhonda and Chris K. Kunz
Laborde & Associates
Nancy E., BBA '93, MPA '95 and Andrew M. Ozuna, BBA '91
Rush Enterprises, Inc.
Ryan, LLC
San Antonio Area Foundation
Southwest Actuarial Forum
Laura T., MBA '75 and David D. Starks, MBA '76
Tax Executives Institute, Austin Chapter
UTSA Alumni Association
Vulcan Materials Company
Women's Auxilary San Antonio Chapter of CPA

$1,000 and above
Laurenn L. Calvo, BBA '06, MS '07
Dan E. Bowman Grantor Charitable Lead Unitrust
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Jean D., BBA '85 and William M. Fisher, BBA '79
Laurenn C. Garcia, BBA '06, MS '07
Denise A. Green
R. Michael Gribble
Gulf South Pipeline
Kathryn R. Hamilton
Diane R. and James S. Kahan
Nandini Kannan
Laura G., MPA '88 and James C. McNutt
San Antonio CPA Society/CE Foundation
Jean G. and Lewes B. Schnitz, MBA '91
David E. Smith
The Schrader Group
Susan K. Thibodeaux, BBA '85
Sunita M. White

$500 and above
Assessment Technologies
Ann J. and Mark E. Babbitt, MBA '02
Vicki L., BS '92 and Larry P. Baillon, BBA '93
Angeles M. Borrego, BA '00
Theresa A. and John R. Bruce
Diane and Delbert H. Buchanan Jr., BBA '99
Drymala Sand & Gravel, LLC
Bruce H. Dunson
ExxonMobil Foundation
Keith W. Fairchild
Michael A. Garcia, BBA '85
Murtuza Hussain
Julie J. and Mark Lewis
Jennifer J., BA '93 and Joe C. McKinney
Julia C. Norton
Theresa Oviedo, BBA '79 and Bryan P. Collins, BBA '88
Christopher H. Penrose
Diana and Mario A. Reyna, BA '97
Carrie A., BBA '95 and Mike J. Rudolph
Michael J. Schaub, BBA '95
Tommy L. Stuchell, MBA '10
Texen Power Company, LLC
Emily J. Tumlinson, BBA '09, MACY '10
Wells Fargo Foundation Educational Matching Gift Program

$250 and Above
Abbott Fund
Justin X. Baeza, BBA '08, MACY '10
Booz Allen & Hamilton, Inc.
Mary and S. T. Burchett
Cardinal Health Donor Advised Fund
Gino Chincarini, BBA '79, MBA '82
Fred A. Flores, BBA '89, MPA '90
Government Personnel Mutual Life Insurance Company
Heath R. Grona, BBA '07, MS '08
Karen W. and William M. Hampton, BBA '95
Sandy and Ronnie V. Holguin, BBA '86
Hotel Contessa
Scott T. Jackson, MBA '04
Stephanie L. and William A. James, BBA '05
Kent R. Kaminski, BBA '07, MS '08
John P. Kupferschmid, MBA '01
Daryl L. Lansdale
Gary D. Larsen, EMBA '99
Philipp A. Leicht, BBA '09
Elaine A., BBA '80 and Henry C. Lockwood
Thomas J. Macdonald, MBA '06
Benito Martinez, BBA '01
Janice L., BBA '79 and Wayne C. Meyr
Donald E. Phillips, BBA '86
Patricia Quintana-Perron
Carlos A. Ramirez, BBA '07
Nina B. and Robert O. Sosa, BBA '83
Stephen S. Tezel, BBA '90
Westin La Cantera Resort
Melissa G. and Gregory W. Whitaker, BBA '90

COB Annual Report 2009

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