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November 19, 2015
MBA Information Session

Data analytics
College of Business Launches New Big Data Program

“Leveraging UTSA’s strength in cyber security, cloud computing and statistical analysis, the College of Business has identified Big Data as a key strategic priority and academic initiative,” said Wm. Gerard Sanders, dean and Bodenstedt Chair in the College of Business. The College of Business is uniquely positioned to become a leader in data analytics. The college’s academic structure includes multidisciplinary programming in cyber security, statistics and consumer behavior—areas not commonly found in a business school, but critical in developing a data analytics program. Recognizing the value of data analytics, the college hired Max Kilger, formerly the chief behavioral scientist at Simmons/Experian, to direct the college’s new data analytics program. The college’s first initiative is to launch a one year Master of Science in Data Analytics degree program, pending approval by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. This new program will produce highly-skilled and educated data analysts who can transform Big Data into usable information for decision makers across a variety of disciplines including business, healthcare and national security.

Business student leaders
Business Students Leading UTSA Student Government

According to business guru Peter Drucker, management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things. Two UTSA business students have been able to put those principles into practice by serving as the outgoing and incoming presidents of the UTSA Student Government Association. Zack Dunn, a senior majoring in finance, spent the past two years leading the UTSA Student Government Association (SGA). He handed the reins over this spring to the incoming president Ileana Gonzalez, a senior majoring in entrepreneurship. “Leadership is about having the courage to make a difference and aligning your goals and expectations with those of the people around you,” he said. Following in Dunn’s footsteps, Gonzalez joined student government and was overwhelmed by the support and mentorship she received from other student leaders. “I feel honored to represent all UTSA students,” said Gonzalez, who will graduate this spring. “I look forward to forging strong relationships as president of SGA, developing my people skills and working to better UTSA. There are big things coming, and I’m proud to be a part of it.”

Steven Gonzalez
Alumnus Steven Gonzales Is a Leader in Cloud Computing

Steven Gonzales, '13 is a consultant software engineer with EMC. Leading a team of software engineers remotely for one of the largest and most respected enterprise storage companies, Gonzales has quickly advanced through the ranks in the cloud computing industry. An information systems major, Gonzales drew upon his business background to better understand how the technology he develops creates value for his company. Plucked from Rackspace, the 35 year olds background in software engineering and DevOps infrastructure is utilized daily managing one of the largest cloud scale object-storage platforms. "I have a legacy of being a Roadrunner," he said. "My whole family has gone there, and my dad is the vice president of student affairs. It gave me a great foundation to start from."

Max Kilger presenting in Turkey
Faculty Member Max Kilger Presents NATO Course on Cyber Terrorism

The recent tragic events in Paris have underscored the need for international cooperation in the struggle to deal with terrorism throughout the world. Just this month Max Kilger, senior lecturer in cyber security and marketing, traveled to Turkey with an international instructional team to conduct NATO training on cyber terrorism. Kilger briefed 75 military officers and government officials from 22 NATO and non-NATO countries about how the Internet is used by terrorists for command and control, communications and recruitment as well as the potential for using as a weapon against national critical infrastructures. “It’s important that as we build a knowledge base of terrorist resources, tactics and motivations, and that we share this information with other countries working to deter terrorism,” said Kilger.

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