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January 14, 2014
Top stories of 2013

Chris Rosas
Taxing Work for a Rowdy Racker

Chris Rosas, '00, MBA '02 knows his strengths. They’re listed on the back of his work ID badge for Rackspace Hosting, Inc. There’s Arranger, the trait that means organization, despite his currently cluttered cubicle desk. Then there’s Restorative, which marks him as someone who likes to fix things. Responsible predictably pegs him as someone who takes personal responsibility for his work. Relator means he identifies with people. Finally, there’s Developer. That’s the one he really connects with. “I like to teach people,” he said. “I like to mentor them. I like to see them grow.” As the global tax director for Rackspace, he oversees a team of 13 people who all make sure tax authorities are happy and that the cloud-computing and Web-hosting company is compliant and protected.

Matthew McCarter
Faculty Member's Research Influenced by a Jigsaw Puzzle

It was a jigsaw puzzle that pieced Matthew McCarter’s life together. When McCarter was an undergraduate at Brigham Young University, his class was given a simple task: break into groups and complete a jigsaw puzzle. “Quickly we discovered we were all missing pieces and had incorrect pieces. We had to figure out how to cooperate with each other while at the same time compete against each other,” said McCarter, assistant professor of management. The class exercise failed. After a sleepless night, with the advice of a professor, he decided to research what could have caused such behavior. That’s when he discovered a book on social dilemmas, situations in which individual and group interests are at odds.

Alumni Association Breakfast featuring Dean Gerry Sanders
EMBA Alumnus Launches Social Enterprise

Business alumnus Shaun Lee, EMBA ’13 has turned an Executive MBA class project into a budding social enterprise—Truckin’ Tomato. The Truckin’ Tomato concept is to operate a mobile farmer’s market that is dispatched to local businesses, churches and apartment complexes. Functioning as a for-profit business, Truckin’ Tomato will donate a majority of their profits to the Christian Hope Resource Center. He currently has a Kickstarter campaign running through Jan. 16 to fund the retrofitting of the trailer. “My whole professional career has been in nonprofit work,” said Lee, who is the executive vice president of operations at Haven for Hope. “I wanted to figure out a way to make nonprofits more self-sustaining.”

Andrew and Nancy Ozuna
MBA Student Receives Texas Business Hall of Fame Scholarship

Kami Stepanik, a MBA student pursuing a concentration in the business of health, was selected as a Texas Business Hall of Fame scholarship recipient. Stepanik is a nutritional sales representative for Abbott Laboratories. The $10,000 scholarship is presented to 21 business students across the state who exhibit entrepreneurial spirit. “An entrepreneur is driven by the desire to better him or herself,” said Stepanik, who envisions a career in healthcare administration. “Entrepreneurial spirit is necessary to shape a new vision of healthcare services in our country.” The Texas Business Hall of Fame Foundation perpetuates and inspires the values of entrepreneurial spirit, personal integrity and community leadership in all generations of Texans.

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